Evolution of educational spaces, in the new normal

According to a report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that analyzed more than 30 countries in the period from January 2020 to March 2021, Mexico was the country that had schools closed for longer than the rest, with an average of 210 days at the preschool and a half level and 264 days at the higher level, when the average was 100 days.

Although there are still educational institutions in the country that maintain their classes at a distance, most of them have already begun with a partial return to the classroom and it is expected that while the rate of infections due to Covid-19 decreases, there will be more and more students who return to their face-to-face activities essential for their professional development.

This situation has represented a new challenge for schools who have now had to adapt to a new reality, starting with creating new physical conditions within the classrooms, as well as transforming the way of teaching by incorporating new elements.

The Tecmilenio University indicates that the changes that the educational systems have experienced since the beginning of 2020 have forced an evolution of educational experiences and greater empowerment of students; resulting more successful a more flexible education system.

A flexible educational model is designed to allow students to continue their employment or family activities, also, it is ideal for those learners who live far from a campus. An excellent advantage of this model is that the learners manage to maintain a personal, work and student balance. They indicate that within the benefits of the flexible educational system are:

Greater control of the times. The fact of not having to travel to the same physical space every day to study allows time to be better used and can be invested in reinforcing learning or in other activities of your choice.

Better stress management. The flexible formats of the new era of education promote a more balanced, bilateral communication and the role of the teacher evolves from being an exhibitor to being an information facilitator. A clear mind, learns better.

Self-management. A proactive student can see this opportunity to develop self-management skills and better control resources and times. This skill is essential for working life in a real industry and it is invaluable that it be developed before graduation.

Career / studies balance. For people who study and work at the same time, sometimes the only way to complete their studies is with flexible models that provide development opportunities that they might not otherwise have.

Evolution of educational spaces. The great universities of the world have managed to adapt to a new educational era, generating professionally designed spaces with technological innovation to give students an environment very different from a traditional classroom in which they can take their educational experience to the next level.

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