Everything you need to know about the Dragonfly update for newcomers to World of Warcraft

At the end of November, a new global Dragonfly update became available for the World of Warcraft game worlds, which brought new islands, locations, dungeons and a new race – the Dragonmen – Drakaris to the world of Azeroth.

The maximum playable level has been raised from the usual Shadowlands level of 60 to level 70.

To get to the new maximum level, players will have to visit four islands and go through a series of story missions, or order dragonflight boost from professional players and go explore the new capital – Valdraken.

New race

A new representative of Azeroth – the race Drakaris. A mix of dragons and humans that can shape-shift and use healing and offensive skills to harm and benefit their enemies and allies.

Drakaris start in a new, hidden location in the mountains of the dragon islands and learn basic game mechanics up to level 10, and only after that they leave the islands to level up with other factions and races. Drakaris is not tied to the Horde or the Alliance, so new representatives are available to everyone.

New lands

To go to new islands inhabited by dragons – go to Orgrimmar or Stormwind. From there, you can depart for the island archipelago. Representatives of the warring factions can travel together, but only until they arrive at the island. Then the roads diverge again.

In total, players will have access to 4 islands, each of which will be associated with a storyline, and each first character who sets foot in new lands must complete tasks in strict order. All of the following characters will be released from the compulsion.

Each island is made in the style of the dragons that inhabit it.

  • Shores of Awakening – Wrathion, a historian and explorer, wil go with you. The lands were once inhabited by black dragons, but times have changed and now red dragons and half-giants live there, who are at enmity with each other.
  • Plains of On’aru – Plains territories and the home of green dragons and local centaurs. When searching, you can meet the wild god of the wind – On’aru. After whom these lands were named.
  • Azure Expanse – the largest and most territorially diverse island – is forested with many creatures and ice dragons. The player will find many caves and a huge amount of snow and ice.
  • Taldrazus is the fourth island and the location of the unification of the dragon force, where you can find many mountains and the capital of all the islands – Valdraken.
  • Valdraken is the capital and city dedicated to all kinds of dragons. Each quarter is made in a fiery, windy, earthy and water style. There is an auction in each district, and in the central square you can find many workbenches for artisans from different professions.


Starting with Dragonfly, each player can tame new creatures – dragons.

The dragon can be chosen according to personal sympathy and even customized during the training process.

Having tamed the dragon, the player will open a new branch of talents and skills related to aerobatics and will pump their ability to stay in the saddle on a level with their pet.

The pet will be able to fly and perform tricks, as well as attack air targets. Be careful when learning to fly – the inhabitants of the islands can easily knock an inexperienced pilot out of the saddle.

New opportunities for earning and character development using professions

If you previously ignored the profession system, or simply did not encounter it, then with the Dragonfly update in World of Warcraft, it’s time to start pumping them to earn money and provide for your character.

Now, players with crafting skills can complete orders from other players.

The character will be provided with a recipe, resources, and offered payment for work performed. The player only needs to approach a special NPC and decide how profitable it will be to take on an order. The finished product is automatically withdrawn by the system and transferred to the customer. Everything is controlled within the game without the characters directly participating in the deal with each other.

But the old way of producing and selling things by hand will remain and will be available everywhere, including in the capital of the new dragon islands.

Each profession has a specific specialization, to give value to certain artisans.

Now a player with the chosen specialty will have a chance to create a masterpiece – an item of exceptional quality with many additional characteristics and power-ups.

For example, a crafter from a forge can become like an armor maker and choose a skill as a specialization, or a weaponsmith. It is the selected type that will be produced of a better quality than that of players who are not specialists in this profile.

Armor and weapons can be remade for a specific character. If the hunter knocks out light armor with unsuitable characteristics, then he can either take the item for sale, or turn to a leather armor specialist to remake it to the type and characteristic he needs.

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