A first military flight took off during the night to evacuate French people from Afghanistan. Westerners are leaving Kabul in a context of emergency after the Taliban came to power.

France, like other Western countries, is urgently evacuating its nationals from Afghanistan.

A first military plane was able to take off overnight from Kabul airport and landed on Tuesday morning in the United Arab Emirates, where France has an air base. It is not known how many people were on this first flight.

Other rotations are planned to evacuate the French installed in Afghanistan.

France is also planning the evacuation of some Afghans.

President Macron’s commitments

In his speech this Monday evening, French President Emmanuel Macron stressed that “the absolute urgency was to put our compatriots, who must all leave the country, as well as the Afghans who worked for France to safety“.

Scenes of chaos at Kabul airport

Since Sunday, and the Taliban seizure of power, many Afghans have been trying to access Kabul airport, located in the northeast of the capital.

They hope to find a seat on any flight leaving Afghanistan.

This save-who-can caused scenes of chaos on Monday.

All civil and military flights had to be suspended for several hours, before resuming overnight.


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