• The text required unanimity and neither Valents nor the non-attached councilor Marilén Barceló have supported it

The municipal group Valents, chaired by Eva Parera, which was previously Barcelona pel Canvi, led by Manuel Valls, has prevented this Thursday that the municipal plenary included the reading of an institutional declaration of recognition of the LGTBI + collective.

This has been denounced in a message on the social network Twitter by the Deputy Mayor for Social Rights, Global Justice, Feminism and LGTBI, Laura Perez.

The mayor of Junts per Barcelona has also done so in plenary Joan Rodriguez, who has lamented the “repeated veto & rdquor; of the Parera group, who was not in her seat, to whom she warned: “If I were here, I would tell Mrs. Parera that the ‘valents’ are not you, they are the children who stand up against buying who suffer from school or the world of sports, teenagers who gather the courage it takes to come out of the closet or women who denounce their abusers & rdquor ;.

the far right

Rodríguez has accused Valents of being afraid of losing his seats and therefore voting for positions that the extreme right likes, “which some say is coming but that we already have here.” From her home, after testing positive for covid, the ERC councilor elisenda alamany He has also denounced the veto in a message on Twitter.

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The declaration included the commitment to work so that Barcelona is “a safe and friendly place in which to experience sexual, affective and gender diversity in a full and normalized way”; increase “the technical and economic resources for the development of policies for diversity; work to raise awareness among sports entities in Barcelona about the recognition of LGTBI+ rights and organize prevention and awareness actions about these rights.

The justification

Valents sources have justified the group’s veto by criticizing that they want to dedicate more money to the LGTBI + collective: “The increase is not justified. That more money be allocated to dining room scholarships, school scholarships, summer camps for children with disabilities, more safety on the streets, facilitating access to parks for people with disabilities and making sports centers accessible to the elderly & rdquor ;.


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