Eurovision 2022: The favorite Sweden passes the second semifinal and Romania surprises

  • Cornelia Jakobs remains the favorite after moving again with ‘Hold me closer’, despite the production failures that RAI had in her performance

  • Romania and Estonia become the surprise of the semi-final after achieving qualification with a certain Spanish flavor

The 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest already has the 25 finalists who will fight next Saturday for the glass microphone. Belgium, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Poland, FinlandEstonian, Australian, SwedenRomania and Serbia They achieved the last 10 passes for the grand final in the second semifinal held this Thursday at the PalaOlímpico in Turin.

These 10 classified countries are added to Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Moldova and the Netherlands and the Big 5, made up of Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, in the grand finale of the musical contest.

Among tonight’s classifieds, stands out Sweden, which consolidates its options to achieve its seventh victory in the festival organized by the EBU with Cornelia Jacobs. Despite the fact that RAI did not trace her performance at Melodifestivalen due to her production failures, the Swedish singer reached the hearts of many viewers with ‘Hold me closer’, a very intimate and emotional song that He talks about those painful sentimental farewells when there is still love, and that he composed after having experienced one in the first person. Naturalness and feeling were present in a Cornelia who acted barefoot.

Finland He was also right with his strategy of going back to rock with The Rasmus. The legendary group achieved the classification of the Nordic country in the final on Saturday with ‘Jezebel’, a song titled as a character from the Bible with which they claimed the empowerment of women in all aspects of society, including music.

WRS and Stefan also achieved a classification with a certain Spanish flavour. The Romanian representative won the ticket to the final after his performance of ‘Llámame’, a song that has gone viral among eurofans in our country, while the Estonian representative extended his stay in Turin after having the Tabernas Desert ( Almería) in the performance he did with ‘Hope’

Instead, Cyprus, Georgia, Ireland, Israel, North Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro and San Marino They were eliminated from the competition in this second semifinal of Eurovision 2022 as they were the eight countries with the lowest scores by the professional juries and the audience with the right to vote in this gala.

Inside a night full of injustices, the most striking elimination was that of Achille Lauro, who did not achieve the fifth classification in the San Marino final with ‘Stripper’. The Eurovision 2022 stage fell completely after the Italian artist performed a very provocative and energetic performance that ended with him riding a mechanical bull named Roberta and having a heated kiss with her guitarist.

Chanel invites you to dream of triumph after her new essay

In addition to the results This second semifinal of Eurovision 2022 was starring Chanel. The musical contest showed a one-minute fragment of his rehearsal with ‘Slo mo’, uploading the entire performance to his YouTube channel.

In the three minutes of this rehearsal, which took place last Wednesday, Chanel made the best pass since he arrived in the Italian city, shining again before the public that attended this general technical test. In general, the singer was very good throughout the entire performance, once again demonstrating her great ability to dance and sing at the same time.

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This Saturday, Chanel will return to the Eurovision 2022 stage to fight for Spain’s third victory with his performance of ‘Slo mo’which stands out for the numerous changes it will have with respect to the one it made in the first edition of ‘Benidorm Fest’making it more Spanish with fans, pyrotechnics and some plans and a very planned and careful lighting.

This has been the broadcast minute by minute of the second semifinal of Eurovision 2022.

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