Eurotension, by Josep Maria Pou

Sorry. I am sorry to have to join the thick tabarra of these days, because I assume that many of you will be, like me, tired of so much talk about what happened in Benidorm recently. But I would not like to overlook some considerations that I have not yet seen reflected in the debate (?). Like you, I am also amazed by such an extreme reaction. So crossfire. And I am not referring to that uncontrolled forest, territory of arsonists, which they say are social networks, but to all those superior institutions that have gone down to the arena with the knife between their teeth. Gentlemen of the Congress, of the autonomous governments, of the parties, of the unions, Is it really necessary to go into combat for things like this? Do you really believe that the dignity of the country rests on a tit, three tambourines and the occasional hit of the hip, more or less exciting? Let’s be serious.

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