Europeanism unites five ‘ex-presidents’, including Pujol

  • The founder of Convergència intervenes on an equal footing with Montilla, Mas, Puigdemont and Torra and gets applause and smiles

  • Junqueras also participates in a debate of the Government on Catalonia and the community institutions

Something that in other latitudes nurtures institutional life here is an exception: bringing together the former presidents of the government around a commemoration, an act, a debate. In Catalonia, see together Joseph Montilla, Arthur More, Carles Puigdemont (virtually) and Quim Torra it is something unusual. If it is added Jordi Pujol -pending trial for his undeclared fortune in Andorra- the fact is even more exceptional. A conference on Europe, organized by the Department of Foreign Affairs, closed in the auditorium of the University of Barcelona, ​​did just that. All those elected since 1980 were present, except Pasqual Maragallwhose illness prevents him from participating in these events.

All of them posed for the cameras with a serious gesture, without effusiveness, with correctness. Their ideological distances are notable, even among politicians from nearby parties. it is possible that today Montilla and Pujol have more in common than More and Torra.

Another redemptive act for Pujol

The act became another act of normalization of the figure of Pujol, which he interpreted as if nothing had happened the role of intellectual fun and eclectic. He apologized for forgetting his notes, which perhaps means that he is already in a state of craziness (“repapiejant”, he said in Catalan). After that, she gave a history lesson, from Charlemagne to the origin of the Russian empire, passing through Churchill and De Gaulle. The moderator had to stop him and said “sorry, eh, you two”, turning to Mas and Torra, after which Mas said: “Don’t worry, we’re used to it.” AND voila, magic happened: the scam in Andorra “disappeared” and the spiritual father of nationalism at the end of the 20th century reappeared. Laughter, applause… and a sentence: “Europe is in danger”. Pujol also got another ovation when he thanked Puigdemont, despite “not agreeing on everything” with him, for his legal battle.

After that, Mas, Puigdemont and Torra assumed their secondary role. They put, yes, their notes of Europeanism, each from their perspective: Mas claimed it despite the stage of social cuts that he executed with determination from 2010. Puigdemont took the opportunity to confront the EU with Spain (“if it were for Spain, I would be closed in a prison, I can speak here thanks to Europe“). Torra admitted that “the answer [de la UE al ‘procés’] has been null & rdquor; although on the other hand legally “it has allowed these victories & rdquor; independentists, he has said in relation to Puigdemont. And Montilla avoided going down to the arena and made a “positive” assessment of Europe after “centuries of struggles.” Meanwhile, Oriol Junquerasformer vice president of the Government convicted and later pardoned for the events of the ‘procés’, defended stronger European institutions, along with other former European parliamentarians of yesterday and today, from the PSC, CiU and JxCat.

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The Catalan ‘ex-presidents’ have gone through such extreme vicissitudes that they make it more than difficult for them to coincide politically on something. To remind you briefly, Pujol confessed to having hidden money in Andorra, Montilla has avoided protagonism, More he sees the entire political space that Pujol ceded to him crumble. Torra denies the autonomy that he managed -and that, among other issues, pays his salary as ‘ex-president’-, and Puigdemont has gone to Belgium to avoid the trial that sentenced, among others, Junqueras.

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