European equities close sharply ahead of Fed announcement

The principal europe stock exchanges Wednesday’s negotiations concluded with strong progress. The performance of the stock markets of the old continent was in line with what was observed in Wall street, in a market awaiting the monetary policy announcement of the Federal Reserve.

Positive movements were guided by the index FTSE BIVA, of the Italian stock exchange in Milan, by 2.27%; followed by German DAX, of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, by 2.22 percent. On the Paris Stock Exchange, the CAC 40 Received 2.11%, and the Ibex 35 and the FTSE 100, of Madrid and London, moved 1.66% and 1.33 percent.

London’s results were lower than those of its peers after “in the UK, the Bank of England’s rise in inflation expectations raised its results to 4.8% in January, the highest number since its record start in 2006”, explained in a note to the firm eToro.

After days of pressure from fears of excessive tightening by the US central bank, prices are rising, with this possibility apparently discounted. Lower risk aversion associated with Russia and Ukraine also led the stock markets to close significantly higher.

The Euro Stoxx 50, which measures the shares of the 50 largest firms in the eurozone, gained 2.12%, with 46 of its components in green and only four in red. The progress to the interior was led by the French firm Airbus Group, with 5.43%; as well as by Adyen, with 4.90%, and Total, with 4 percent.

“What is expected is that the Fed will mark the beginning of the interest rate hike for March, as it would already be discounted by the markets. In addition, it will outline its balance reduction process and sell the assets it has bought since the beginning of the pandemic. , “the firm added eToro.

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