Eurecat, UPC and a Volkswagen partner apply to manage the Martorell VET center

  • The Generalitat has closed the list of entities to formally present their candidacy for the tender for the Martorell training center, empty since 2015

Five entities and companies have formally applied for the tender to manage the Professional Automotive Training Center (CFPA) of Martorell. Facilities of 10,000 square meters of surface for which the Generalitat invested 17.6 million euros (plus the maintenance costs since then) and that it has been empty since 2015 and practically without use. The Foundation Eurecat, a technology center specialized in advising companies on innovation projects, and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) are two of the names on the list of official candidates. To which is added a third party with a journey, the firm specialized in supplying manufacturers (and which in Europe stands out for its collaboration with Volkswagen), MSX International. The list of applicants is completed by Esquemes Informàtics and Disseny Educatiu; as made public by the ‘Ministry’ of Empresa i Treball this Tuesday in a statement.

The name of the company that will finally take over the management of the center will be known at the end of January 2022. However, the machinery to start this bidding process was launched in the previous legislature, under the baton of the then ‘minister’ of Treball, Chakir El Homrani; just as EL PERIÓDICO advanced. The tender contract is dated for a 15-year process, extendable for another 10 if the parties so agree. Until now, one of the reasons that have caused the absence of candidates to manage the space was due, among others, to the price demanded by the Government and the absence of interested firms to take responsibility for the management during the set period.

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Among the candidates, Eurecat stands out, a company that employs 650 professionals, with an annual turnover of 51 million euros per year and provides service to more than 1,500 companies in the industrial, digital and biotechnological fields. The UPC is one of the main public universities in the country and the third leading candidate is MSX International Techservices SL. This firm, specialized in providing services to dealerships, connected with manufacturers from all over the world and with headquarters is in Detroit, (USA), has a presence in 80 countries and has been in Spain since 1992. The rest of the candidates are profile consultants educational (Esquemes Informàtics y Disseny Educatiu).

The Generalitat, through the Catalan Employment Service (SOC), has accredited in this first phase the solvency of the five candidates. One of which, however, has not yet submitted all the required documentation and could fall off the list in the next few days. Once this phase has been completed, a second phase is now opened in which those interested will have a month and a half to present their project for the Martorell VET center. That is, what do they want to do and teach in it. The initial idea under which the center was born was to provide a space to train future and present generations of workers in the automotive sector, throughout its value chain (from vehicle factories, to components, through all compasses of innovation).

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