EU addresses Pegasus spy scandal

The spyware Pegasus was supposed to be used to fight crime. But in the end it is personalities like the French president, journalists or activists who became, according to the accusations, the target of this tool proposed by the Israeli company. NSO Group.

For European officials and EU institutions, the scandal revealed in July is a wake-up call. According to MEP Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield, we must shed light on this affair. It will be necessary “then confront the governments with their responsibilities, those who have used this software such as the Hungarian government which would be the only member state to have used it, but also the other member countries which did not react and which did not made it clear that they were opposed“, insists the environmentalist parliamentarian.

A survey, carried out by about fifteen editorial staff, revealed the list of government customers of this phone spy software. For some experts it is also necessary to investigate the motivations behind these revelations. “I think this list was given to journalists and to Amnesty International. It is a country that gave it. This is something that should interest European leaders as much: who was behind the leaks as the facts themselves.“, juge Claude Moniquet, directeur du European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center.

According to parliamentary sources announced on Tuesday, the German federal police would also have used this software. The Pegasus scandal is on the agenda of the plenary session of the European Parliament next week. The Commission is also investigating this matter.

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