ETA prisoners announce more “discreet” public receptions and lament the ‘ongis etorris’

The ETA Prisoners Collective (EPPK) announced this Monday its intention to put an end to public receptions released ETA inmates and undertakes to limit receptions to “discreet” acts in “the private sphere”.

In a statement advanced by the newspapers “Berria” and “”, the prisoners of the terrorist organization indicate that “they understand“that the victims of ETA may feel “hurt” by the public ‘ongi etorri’ (welcome), which is why they have decided that the receptions take place only in a “private and discreet” environment.

“By means of this communiqué, EPPK conveys our family, friends and colleagues, and Basque society, that it wishes that the greetings that are made to us when we go out to the street are produced in a private and discreet way, following the path taken in general in recent months, “the statement said.” From now on, we only want greetings in a private space between relatives, “they insist.

They regret the public welcomes

ETA inmates affirm that “there are people who have honestly expressed that they feel pain with the public ‘ongi etorri’“.” They are people affected as a result of the actions of our militancy in the past and we understand that may feel hurt“, they add.

The EPPK affirms that prisoners have the right to “receive the embrace of those close to you“after” long years and harsh prison conditions “, but recalls that the victims” have expressed that the public acts of reception cause them pain. “

“We clearly say that our desire is to alleviate all suffering and open new options, heal wounds and strengthen coexistence among Basque citizens,” argues the group of ETA inmates.

For this reason, after consulting the members of the group imprisoned in Spain and France and “continuing other decisions taken and other previous steps”, the EPPK “considers it convenient “that” joy “ for being released from prison shared for those close to them who wait for them “at the door of the jail” or with those who receive them “in a discreet way.”

The EPPK frames this decision in “a individual and collective contribution” to paz and to recognition of the suffering of others “, which is added to his own and that of his family members.

Search for coexistence and peace

The prisoners emphasize that “certain agents and parties” use the question of the ‘ongi etorri’ to seek “irresponsibly confrontation instead of coexistence“while they, they maintain, do not wish to” feed any sterile polemics “, but rather pretend” to act constructively and be responsible “.

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“We will not give up on the path taken; the excuses of those who feel comfortable in the most pessimistic attitudes are becoming more and more in evidence before the Basque citizens, especially as their influence is fading”, add the inmates of ETA.

The group of prisoners recalls that ETA stopped killing 10 years ago and regrets that “they want to prevent peace and eternalize the imposition, they have sought to block and sabotage every step forward since then, seeking revenge and with the will to impose a fallacious story that distorts the conflict, feeding the story of winners and losers.”

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