Estrella Damm ‘reconquers’ Primavera Sound and wins beer sponsorship of festivals

Sun, music and a beer in the hand. There is not Music festival that does not lend itself to that idyllic image, an image that, especially in Cataloniais associated with Star. And it is that in the coming months the beer giant will be present at major Catalan musical events as a sponsor of the Dreamof the Festival Cruilla and even of Spring Soundresuming their association after more than 10 years of hiatus.

The brewing industry and live music have maintained a strong symbiotic relationship for more than a decade. The producers of this popular drink have seen in culture an opportunity to expand the projection of their brands and associate them with moments of joy and pleasure, a factor that has gained weight after two years marked by the covid-19 health crisis.

Beer is the queen of festivals. A) Yes, concentrated almost 63% of the payments that were made with a bracelet at the events held in 2021, according to the IDASFEST ‘White Paper on consumption habits at festivals’. This opportunity has been expanding in parallel with the constant emergence of new music festivals in the State.

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Estrella Damm has excelled in this strategy. Damm is the brewery that sponsors the most music shows. In 2019 it was present at 21 Spanish festivals, being the fourth most popular brand -after Coca-Cola, Jägermeister and Ron Brugal- and the leader in its sector, according to a report by the ‘II Observatory of sponsorship of brands in festivals. O holy festivals!‘. they followed her Galician Star with 16, Mahou with 13, Alhambra Beers Y crossfield with 8, rising star Y Heineken with 7, and Amstel Y San Miguel with 6.

Catalonia is the spearhead of that strategy. The only three big festivals that were held last year -Cruïlla, Lifetime Y Canet Rock– They toasted with Estrella Damm. This summer, moreover, it will also be present at Sónar, the Cap Roig Festival, the Porta Ferrada Festival, the Jardins de Terramar Festival, the Arts d’Estiu and Primavera Sound.

The musical event held at the Barcelona Forum Thus, it resumes its original alliance with the Catalan brand, which was its sponsor until 2009. In 2010, San Miguel took over and in 2013 it was passed on to the Dutch company Heineken. This return to the origins further underpins Estrella Damm’s dominance. Contacted by this newspaper, neither Primavera Sound nor Cruïlla wanted to give more details about their agreements with the Catalan brand.

“In addition to helping us increase brand awareness, festivals are a point of connection with the consumer that we could not achieve in any other way,” he explains to EL PERIÓDICO James Alemany, Director of Marketing, Exports and Communication at Damm. Each style of festival allows the company to reach a different audience and thus expand its impact. Currently, Estrella Damm has more than 70 active cultural and musical agreements.

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The festivals are also nourished by this relationship with the breweries. Thus, the income generated in these events represents 59% of the total live music in Spain, according to the same report. Sponsorship agreements represent an important source of financing to keep these projects afloat and allow them to fill their lineup with big musical claims -which require a large investment- such as Dua Lipa, Nick Cave, Christina Aguilera, C. Tangana either last lastall present at the Catalan festivals this summer.

Calculating the economic impact that sponsorships have for the sector is a chimera, since the sources contacted indicate that they are confidential agreements. Even so, the breweries also support the festivals in logistical matters. “From communication campaigns to improving sustainability or the gastronomic area, Estrella Damm has been a fundamental ally & rdquor ;, explains Gustavo Sánchez, spokesman for Sónar. After 14 years hand in hand, this strategic alliance has allowed the avant-garde electronic music festival, one of the most influential in the world, to resume this year its inaugural concert, massive and free, with the Argentine singer Nathy Peluso as a star

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