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Esperanza Aguirre, former president of the Government of Madrid and the regional PP, has taken little time to react to the accusations made against her by the former national party treasurer Luis Bárcenas. He has declared before Judge Manuel García-Castellón that he saw Álvaro Lapuerta – his predecessor in the PP treasury, now deceased – deliver Aguirre an envelope with 60,000 euros from an opaque donation that businessman Luis Gálvez would have made.

“These statements are flatly false and have been made in court without any evidence to support them,” Aguirre said in a statement.

“Never, ever, at any time, did I receive any money from Bárcenas or Lapuerta,” he says.

Aguirre states that the accusation made by Bárcenas is a “resounding lie” and points out “it only has its explanation in the offer made by him, in his letter to the Prosecutor’s Office, with the evident purpose of improving the prison situation of his wife, in the The same terms that Isabel Jordán has benefited, sentenced to more than twenty years and today released thanks to the actions of the same lawyer who, for just a few weeks, has been defending Bárcenas and his wife and promoting this procedural strategy. “

“Because of these demonstrations, I announce the filing of a criminal complaint against Bárcenas for false testimony,” concludes Esperanza Aguirre.

The former Madrid president is under investigation in the Púnica case, a procedure in which she declared on October 19, 2019. Then she told the judge that “I never saw cash in the PP” and that she never knew there was a parallel accounting.

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