Esperanza Aguirre: “I’m wondering if Pablo Casado should accompany García Egea in his resignation”

  • The former president of the Community of Madrid considers that this is the biggest crisis in the history of the party

The crisis of leadership in People’s Party is shaking the foundations of Spanish politics. the crossing of accusations between Pablo Casado and Isabel Díaz Ayuso makes many members of the party uncomfortable and all the actors are demonstrating, including Hope Aguirre, who in an interview granted to Catalunya Ràdio has shown ready to call for the resignation of the party leader Paul Married. Aguirre, former president of the Community of Madrid, has indicated that is “thinking about it” and insists on the need for a immediate resignation of Secretary General Teodoro García Egea.

According to the former president of Madrid, García Egea “he’s taking time to resign”, and shows solidarity with the current president Díaz Ayuso. Aguirre thinks it’s about himto more serious crisis of the history of the party “Perhaps only comparable to what was the deterioration of the UCD”, and hints that the controversy has arisen so that not much is said of what happened in the last elections in Castilla-Leon. “Nothing has been said” about the elections “because they have put this false story that Isabel Díaz Ayuso is corrupt” because of the plot of commissions awarded to her brother.

“false” accusations

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Considers that, despite all the data that is being published, it is “false” accusations. All citizens, from Madrid without a doubt, but from all over Spain, are on Ayuso’s side.” Aguirre he acknowledges that “they are looking for him as much as they can and that unfortunately they have found help” in members of the party itself.

However, the former president of the Community of Madrid, rules out that the crisis of the party supposes lto go of the formation of Isabel Diaz Ayuso. He does not believe that there is “a split” within the PP. He stresses that the candidate who stands for the next general election will be “it will be who decides the National Congress of the PP which has to be held in July”. On this point, it has also been shown to be very review The secretary general Garcia Egea who considers that he has wanted to contravene the law of political parties and the statutes of the party itself by try to postpone your celebration.

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