ERC warns the PSOE that shielding Catalan is not enough to approve the budgets

  • Vilalta reminds that there are “folders” pending and that ERC has not given the definitive yes

  • The ‘commons’ thank the Republicans for the “gesture” of not blocking the project from the outset

New ERC notice to the Government so that it does not take for granted the definitive yes of the Republicans to the State budgets despite the last-minute decision of the independence party not to present an amendment to the public accounts for 2022 in full. deputy general secretary of the party, Marta Vilalta, has made it clear this Saturday that the agreement in extremis with the PSOE to shield Catalan in the audiovisual bill that the Government is preparing does not guarantee a republican yes to the accounts.

The linguistic pact in relation to audiovisual platforms (“the best formulas will be sought to guarantee a percentage of production, dubbing and subtitling in co-official languages ​​that will require the approval of ERC to approve the law“)” will be necessary, but not sufficient, for a favorable vote from ERC, “Vilalta warned in an interview on Rac-1.

The pact must still be finalized so that it is included in the audiovisual regulations. And it is accompanied by an agreement to make the transfer of the scholarships effective to the Generalitat and for the Government to manage the new Minimum Vital Income deployed by the Government, given that in Catalonia the Guaranteed Citizenship Income governs. Both aspects were the subject of debate in the State-Generalitat bilateral commission on August 2.

Other pending folders

“Yesterday we did not give our vote in favor of the state budgets. Yesterday, what we did, is to open the door to be able to negotiate them. In this debate to the totality that has to take place next week, from ERC we have promised not to block it “, has described Vilalta. And in this sense, he recalled that there are still “folders” pending to be negotiated in social and economic areas, especially to guarantee more investments in Catalonia and that these are executed as planned in the budgets. One of the complaints of ERC and the Government is that the execution of the works remains well below what is foreseen in the accounts.

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The ‘commons’ defend the accounts

For her part, the leader of the ‘Comuns’ in the Parliament, Jéssica Albiach, has defended that the fact that ERC has not presented an amendment to the entire draft of the General State Budgets (PGE) is “a way of recognizing that they are good budgets” for Catalonia. “We value the gesture that ERC has made,” Albiach has defended, who has valued that EH Bildu and the PNV have not presented an amendment to all the accounts to smooth their first vote in Congress. Instead JxCat, the CUP, the PP, Vox, Citizens, Canary Coalition and Asturias Forum have submitted an amendment to the entirety.

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