• The Republicans polish their future strategy in case the Government avoids assuming responsibilities

  • Esquerra is inclined to allow the approval of the decree of economic measures for the war in Ukraine

“A year ago they warned me & rdquor; recognizes one of the people spied on by the ‘Pegasus’ software to this journal. “In fact, I didn’t even remember & rdquor ;, sentence. The independence movement has had time to digest the facts and prepare an answer, in front of which the ‘president’ himself has been placed Pere Aragones. The espionage of 67 independentistas for the sake of their political activity and without evidence of crime, in a democracy, is serious enough that it does not go unnoticed. The answer has been prepared and gradual. Every day a twist.

All at the expense of reaction Pedro Sanchez that in the first five days of the crisis he has not opened his mouth and has left the Defense Minister, Margaret Oaks, who depends on the CNI, to be exposed. In fact, on the shoulders of Robles rests a good part of the calm or timeliness with which the PSOE faces the coming months. The Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero concerned about the government’s economic plan in response to the aftermath of the war in Ukraine, she anticipated that it would be Robles herself who would give a full response to everything in Congress.

The gradual nature of the Catalan response has meant that from the cooling of relations, from the first day, it has already passed to “unfeasibility” to give parliamentary support to the government. “Depending on the decisions that Sánchez makes, or does not make, the Govern and ERC will take theirs” Aragonès explained under the gaze of the lions of Congress on Thursday.

open stage

Republicans have been planning, perhaps for weeks or even months, to stop offering peace which follows the condition preferred partner to move to a state of bellicosity that involves negotiating each and every one of the measures that reach the lower house. An little ‘vietnam’ in every vote. Several ‘vietnams’ a week. All this a year and a half before the general elections and with a right-wing bloc that is more than entrenched and of which only the distribution of forces between the PP and Vox.

Why a ‘Vietnam’ in each negotiation and not simply a ‘no’ to everything? Basically because, as Aragonès himself explained, the Catalan part cannot be the first injured of the punishing action. The obvious example is the Olympic Games. If they are desired because of how dynamic it can be for the economy of the Pyrenees and because of the investments that can fall there, cutting that end with the Government would go detriment from that part of Catalonia.

Looking ahead, what appears on the horizon is the vote to validate the decree of economic measures to alleviate the effects of Ukraine war. It should be remembered that the sine qua non condition of Aragonès, a few weeks ago, to go to the Conference of Presidents of La Palma (Canary Islands) was, precisely, to discuss and approve a package of palliative measures for the effects of the war on the local economy and aid for the reception of Ukrainian refugees, safeguarding Catalan statutory powers.

Looking for a face to face

What does ERC ask to stop not remove the parliamentary hornet’s nest? first of all a meeting face to face, between Aragonès and Sánchez, point out these sources that, without interruption, insist that the appointment is not enough, but rather that the President of the Government provide explanations and measures. And purge responsibilities.

Because, they argue from the Government, and here they repeat the words of Aragonès himself in a state media, “cases of this type are resolved in Europe with the fall of a member of the Government or, even, of the entire Government & rdquor ;. Like saying.

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The Republicans consider that the situation, internationally, is not comfortable for the Sánchez Executive since it is being framed in “the side of Poland and Hungary”. For them “the commission of investigation by ‘Pegasus’ was set up, but it is for Spain that the mobiles will be checked & rdquor; and they add, by way of closing the circle, that the ‘The Washington Post’, the medium that uncovered the Watergate scandal, from which the suffix has been taken to compose the ‘Catalangate’ published a very harsh editorial on Friday in which it is pointed out that ”when democracies incur in violations of civil liberties as flagrant as it seems to have happened in Catalonia, they deserve a condemnation”.

“So far, the response given by the Government of the PSOE is the same as the one that would have given the PP, to be in that hole. You have to move & rdquor ;, exhorts a Republican, halfway to the imperative and desire.

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