ERC refers Bolaños to the “written” agreement on Catalan that prevented the amendment to the whole

  • Vilalta recalls that twice in Congress, Minister Montero took it for granted that there would be quotas for Catalan

The statements of the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, in which he denied that there would be quotas and in which he recalled that there are other forces, in addition to ERC, with whom to carry out the audiovisual law they have caused upset in the republicans. The party spokeswoman; Marta Vilalta, asserted that what was agreed 15 minutes before the end of the deadline for the presentation of amendments to the totality of the General State Budgets “It is public and transparent.” “It is a government commitment and although a minister may say contradictory statements, it should be remembered that the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, reiterated up to twice, in the debate in Congress last week, that the audiovisual law would be agreed with ERC and that there would be quotas ” for the co-official languages. Vilalta sentenced with a “with the Catalan one does not play”.

The budget temptations

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The bulk of Vilalta’s appearance, however, focused on praising the virtues of the draft budgets made by the Government, “the first of the republican stage and which represent a turn to the left.” Among the achievements, Vilalta listed the free schooling for two-year-olds; the almost 750 million for housing and the creation, announced by Pere Aragonès himself in Glasgow, of a public energy company.

Vilalta defended the search for a pact with the CUP because “the logical thing is to go to the forces that only five months ago supported the investiture of Aragonès, (that is, ERC, Junts and the anti-capitalists) that add up to 52% of the vote for independence. For now, therefore, all Republican firewood focuses on the anti-capitalists and the option of the PSC and the ‘comuns’ is banned: “They were not in the investiture,” Vilalta asserted.

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