ERC demands to protect Catalan as prior to tackling the budget negotiation

  • The republicans admit the “first contacts” with the Government by the accounts

ERC He admits having already made the “first contacts with the Government” regarding the negotiation of the General State Budgets (PGE). The party’s spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, has detailed that, as a preliminary question that “can generate the relevant framework of trust to be able to address the debate on budget items”, the Republicans have demanded that the Executive shield the protection of Catalan, in the context of the audiovisual law.

“It is about eliminating one of the stones in the way that the Government itself” with a legislative draft (the audiovisual law) that ‘forgot’ the co-official languages ​​beyond Castilian, also valued the Deputy Secretary General.

As explained by Vilalta, ERC is awaiting the response of the bipartite government. For now, Republicans have not yet ruled out submitting an amendment to the entire budget law. Congress registration closes next Friday at 2:00 p.m.

Degree of execution

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Likewise, the Republicans demand that an “inventory” be made of the degree of compliance with the budgets in force, and already agreed with ERC. “The breaches are not with ERC” but with the whole of Catalan society, “said Vilalta. The republican also pointed out that the demand on Catalan does not remove any other from the list of demands, it is simply a prior of Obligatory compliance to address, precisely, other claims, such as the transfer of Rodalies.

In the background, ERC maintains another of its preconditions, which is that the dialogue and negotiation table on the political conflict. Vilalta did not give details of the course of these parallel negotiations, in any case if he wanted to limit the negotiation on this week’s budgets to the demand for protection of Catalan and the review of past agreements.

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