ERC asks that Netflix and HBO be forced to incorporate productions that are already in Catalan

  • The inclusion of these works would swell, through the back door, the catalog of platforms that are not affected by the 6% agreed

  • The manna for the audiovisual sector is estimated between 15 and 20 million annually, depending on whether the 1% claimed by Esquerra is consolidated

On track, but not finished. As EL PERIÓDICO published on Thursday, the Government and ERC are already in the phase of defining the fringes of the pact on the audiovisual law. No minor fringes, everything can be said. The first is the percentage of production, which ranges between 0.7% of the 5% of own production offered by the Government and the 1% demanded by the Catalan part. The other front is ERC’s demand that the Executive multinationals be forced to incorporate into its catalog all audiovisual work that already has a version dubbed into Catalan. Something that would be worth for future productions. The paradigmatic example would be the series ‘Breaking Bad’, already broadcast on TV-3.

Obviously, this obligation would have future overtones, that is, that all that series or film that was dubbed, or subtitled, in Catalan, either for the cinema screen circuit or for its broadcast on TV-3, if it were acquired by Netflix or HBO should be incorporated into the platform’s offer.


This is an arnica measure given the impossibility of subjecting multinationals to the 6% percentage of catalog in co-official languages, because they are based outside Spanish borders. A quota that Movistar and Filmin must meet.

In the first instance, when Vice President Nadia Calviño raised the issue and excluded companies located abroad from compliance with the new law, ERC replied that it was an interpretive question. Ultimately, this has not been the case and the opening of other avenues has meant the tacit recognition that Amazon Prime, HBO and Netflix, among other platforms, could not be tamed in this way.

The two great legs

ERC has identified two large branches to satisfy in this negotiation. On the one hand the consumer, and the offer that is supplied, and, on the other, the audiovisual sector. The obligation to incorporate what has already been dubbed, de facto, expands the offer for the spectator in Catalan through the back door.

For the film and television industry, which employs some 26,000 people in Catalonia, that percentage of between 0.7% and 1% that will result from the negotiation is May water that can be quantified between 15 and 20 million annual euros. To this must be added the creation of a fund to subsidize dubbing that both parties negotiate. Some works in Catalan that, as they are carried out, will swell the catalog of multinationals.

And when will the deal close? ERC tries to return to the Government of the PSOE control of tempos in which the socialists, several republicans agree, “are masters & rdquor ;. Understand this as it leadsr trading at the term limit to achieve greater concessions.

Two weeks of margin

The Government hoped that the audiovisual pact, on which it hangs, but not only, the agreement with the Republicans for the General State Budgets, occurred before the end of the term of presentation of partial amendments to ERC. It was not so. Remain two beautiful weeks to negotiate and sculpt on stone and with a scalpel those fringes. And to achieve that the faithful of the pact on production is closer to that 1% than to the government’s 0.7%. To finish composing the pressure scene, ERC reiterates over and over again that no one takes support for the PGEs in the Senate for granted.

Related news

At the moment there are 16 amendments presented, which can be withdrawn until the 21st, two days before the plenary session is held in the upper house. The changes that Esquerra intends to introduce would affect territorial investments. They also want to introduce, and this is a workhorse from minute 1, a clause for the fulfillment of the planned investments, given the perpetual infra-grade of execution of the public works of the State in Catalonia. And finally the incorporation of a covid fund of 13,000 million euros. Something that the Minister of Finance María Jesús Montero has already pointed out that it will not be fulfilled. And it is that one of the cessions of the Government to the EU to obtain the Next Generation funds was this over indebtedness produced by the pandemic.

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