Equine experience in Chatham pulls another award into the stable

A unique experience that allows people to interact with historic Ojibwe Spirit Horses has received a second piece of recognition for its innovation.

The “Awaken Your Spirit” encounter by TJ Stables received the Innovative Experience of the Year Award by the Southwestern Ontario Tourism Corporation on Wednesday.

The experience launched last June and allows for a unique opportunity to learn about First Nations and Metis cultures while being among the historic Ojibwe Spirit Horses.

“We truly are honored to be presented with this award. These little ponies have so much to share and we are humbled to be able to be a part of something so unique,” ​​said TJ Stables co-owner Terry Jenkins in a statement.

Back in October, the same experience at TJ Stables received the Indigenous Tourism Award from the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario.

Shannon Paiva, supervisor of tourism development for Chatham-Kent, said it’s the “hard work and dedication” of the entire team at TJ Stables that led to this second award.

“If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to experience this unique-to-Canada tourism offering, we highly recommend it,” said Paiva. “This special experience offers exactly what we strive for in Community, Attraction & Promotion, promoting all we have to offer in Chatham-Kent.”

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