Epic Games will appeal the ruling in its lawsuit against Apple

If you thought the Epic Games vs. Apple saga was over, well, I have some bad news for you.

An Epic spokesperson confirmed The edge that the company will appeal the court’s ruling. It is not difficult to see why.

Judge Yvonne González Rogers’ ruling had only one victory for Epic, with Apple winning all other counts. While Apple’s only loss (the company is now legally bound to allow app developers to target their own payment methods rather than limiting them to just Apple’s in-app purchasing system) was significant, it is also clearly minor. than Epic expected.

The González Rogers ruling determined that Apple will not be forced to allow users to download apps or allow other app stores on iOS, nor will it need to reduce its App Store fee of 30 percent.

Additionally, the ruling found that Epic was on the hook for several million dollars (not a large amount on the scale of these companies, but certainly not nothing), and that Apple was not required to reset the Epic Games developer account. In other words, Epic cannot bring Fortnite go back to the App Store even if you wanted to (and clearly don’t want to).

In short, none of this turns out to be a huge win for Epic. Meanwhile, Apple announces the ruling as a victory and has yet to acknowledge its new legal obligation to allow developers to direct users to their own payment systems. It’s also worth noting that Apple had already (more or less) agreed to allow developers to target other payment options, so to some extent nothing has changed here.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the appeal, but unfortunately, I don’t see Epic gaining much more ground.

Source: The edge

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