Enrique Florescano will receive the Alfonso Reyes Award, from Colmex

This Monday, El Colegio de México announced that it will award the Alfonso Reyes Prize in Humanities to the Veracruz historian Enrique Florescano Mayet.

“We are pleased to inform you that, in a session held today, October 25, 2021, the Review Committee for the ‘El Colegio de México. Alfonso Reyes Award in Humanities 2021 ‘resolved to grant this distinction to Enrique Florescano Mayet, a Mexican historian who has distinguished himself for the renewal of historical research in our country and the dissemination of knowledge and culture in the fields of history, archeology and anthropology. ”, Expressed the institution through Twitter.

Enrique Florescano Mayet (San Juan de Coscomatepec, Veracruz, 1937), has a degree in Law and History from the Veracruzana University, a teacher in Universal History from El Colegio de México and a doctor in History from the School of Higher Studies in Paris.

Since 1968 he joined as a full-time researcher at the Centro de Estudios Históricos of El Colegio de México and in 1969 he received appointment as tenured professor of the Seminar of Economic History of Mexico of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM).

In his long career, his time at the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) also stands out. First, in 1971, as head of the Department of Historical Research, which later became the Directorate of Historical Studies, and assumed ownership. Finally in 1982 he was appointed general director of INAH.

He is a member of the Mexican Academy of History. In 1996 he received the National Prize for Science and Arts in the fields of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences, and since 2006 he has been a National Researcher Emeritus of the National System of Researchers.

Florescano is the author of more than 30 books, which deal with practically the entire history of what is now Mexico, from pre-Columbian times to the 20th century, dealing with economic, social, political and cultural history, which have analyzed agrarian structures. , the stories of history, Mesoamerican gods, symbols and myths.

In its editorial production, the following stand out: Essays on the history of epidemics in Mexico (1980), General bibliography of corn in Mexico (1987), The myth of Quetzalcóatl (1993), Mexican memory, essays on the reconstruction of the past (2000), Quetzalcóatl and the founding myths of Mesoamerica (2004), and The origins of power in Mesoamerica (2009), among many other titles.

Enrique Florescano joins the list of prestigious thinkers and writers who have received the award in previous years: Herbert S. Klein (2019), Margo Glantz (2017), Miguel León-Portilla (2015), Francisco Rico (2013), José Emilio Pacheco (2011) and Luis Villoro (2010).


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