Enormous retreat on the EU’s labor issue

The Mexican bureaucracy for the application of labor reform is what is most preoccupied with state governance, as well as the small advance in labor justice, the change and the transformation of labor relations between companies and unions.

I agree with the report that the governing body of Joe Biden is being held every six months, and that, in my opinion, the tampoco labor reform has allowed for the knowledge and conscience of workers the right to effective collective bargaining and collective bargaining. searches with the Commercial Treaty between Mexico, United States and Canada (TMEC).

And in front of the 168 million dollar inversions that will apply the living space, in its majority in Mexico, for the implementation and exchange of works in the field of juices and innovation, will not be for less than EU supervision is the orden del día, y hasta se sabe que est latente la llegada de supervisores a México.

The first of February will be decisive and the 19th of May will be completed within three years of its application, and there will be a year in which Deban will list all the changes, which will take place in front of the retreat. It is estimated that apenas has a 20% advance on the mayor, and we estimate that one year will cover the place.

It is clear that the amount of information available to the United States is not given to the Mexican authorities in any way, but gradually, and to the authorities of the current governor, mandated by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to make statements to the monetary amounts that are received.

The recipients are adequately equipped with the new labor justice institutions, as well as complete the recruitment, capacity and staffing of these organs.

Thus, the Mexican government proposes the implementation of appeals for the reform of the federal labor law, in this case 228 million dollars (mdd). This does not include funds that will be assigned to a state scale.

As approved, the federal presidency is approximately 97 mdd less than the 2019 President López Obrador’s compromise with Congressman Richard Neal, chair of the Mediation and Arbitration Committee of the Chamber of Representatives, for the 2022 financial year.

Although for 2021, 164.5 mdd will be assigned initially and 13.2 mdd will be added, it is likely that the Secretariat of Education and Public Credit (Hacienda) will allocate additional resources for the implementation of the labor reform to 20.

The big loss is the return of companies and unions, given that the advance is less than 0.5% of the 556 miles of registered collective agreements, and only one year for all companies.

In addition to the proliferation of unions, the disappearance of many more, and the bargaining agreements between companies and employees will be in the order of the day, there will be a great burden, as well as the failure of the new figures and disappearances of institutions the Counseling and Arbitration Boards.

According to the Secretariat of Labor, including the tutelage of Luisa María Alcalde, he has four constitutional amps pending labor reform, the quals, to declare dependency, will be approved on the basis of the March 26, 2021 case of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, which affirms the constitutionality of the reform and establishes the criteria for guiding decisions on future legal impacts on the reform. Finally, no more legal proceedings have been initiated in relation to the application of the labor reform, in the three years since its promulgation.

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