Judging that he was “contemptuous” of Quebecers during the presentation of his speech in English only last fall, Monique Jérôme-Forget, former Minister of Finance of Quebec, finds that the CEO of Air Canada makes “a little pity”.

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“I think he’s not very good at languages. For having lived so many years in Montreal and not speaking better than that [le français]after having taken courses since November, he is not gifted, that’s for sure,” mentioned Ms. Jérôme-Forget in an interview with LCN on Monday.

According to her, Michael Rousseau made a “big blunder” when he chose to speak only in English.

“Listen, he is in a bad way. It’s clear that he made a big mistake, we know that. A big big blunder contemptuous of Quebecers. I’m not the most nationalist, but I found this man contemptuous. Let’s say it was time for him to make a move … But he’s a little pity there, ”she comments.


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