Energy industry companies ask for flexibility and dialogue towards key months for the sector

Industrial energy sector The national government agreed this Thursday on the urgency for the country to advance in accordance with the global needs to combat climate change without losing sight of economic growth, after the reduction in foreign investment and the uncertainty that the changes in policy have generated, since the next few months will be key to define what direction to take and dialogue with flexibility and a combination of strategies and technologies to achieve the desired objectives.

At the round table organized by Cipro, Rengen Energy Solutions, the CCME, Bid Energy and the Mexican Energy Council (Conemer), Andrea Lozano Bravo, general director of Bio Energy Supply Qualified, explained that of the companies from all sectors that come to the country, 60% seek access to clean energy, which implies a challenge for the actors in the sector.

Hence, he urged the authorities to consider the changes to the constitution that they intend to carry out, since “it is not a matter that investors will leave tomorrow, but if they are not offered what they need, they will look for where to find it. and we are in time to offer them what they need so that the investment arrives for the benefit of all ”, he said.

Óscar Scolari Romero, CEO of Rengen Energy Solutions, explained that the diversification of energy sources will imply not only increasing renewables in the basket, but also making fossil fuels efficient and accessible in terms of cost, heading towards the transition.

For example, he explained that at present 30% of the value of a new plant of any technology, even coal, is destined to the protection systems to the environment and mitigation of emissions, so that rather than demonize fossil generation, strategies must be generated to integrate it to the needs of the current economy.

Similarly, Juan Acra, president of the Conamer, he recalled that the use of natural gas It will be essential to reduce carbon emissions and have a robust electrical system, but it will not be the only way, but other strategies such as distributed generation and the use of other sources, such as garbage, should be considered to generate electricity more sustainable.

In turn, Sonia Pérez Gusque Muslera, president of the CCME, explained that between 2020 and 2021 foreign direct investment in the sector fell by around 35%, which has led to the opening of investment routes with the cooperation of governments. state, so diversification finds routes to be achieved.

“This type of investment develops the local economy and is committed to a circular economy and a value chain that boosts the national industry,” said Perez Gusque Muslera.

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