Endless queues to get your passport in Gatineau and Ottawa

Similar to what is observed across the country in many Service Canada offices, you have to wait hours, sometimes an entire day, before speaking to a representative.

At the passage of Radio-Canada, Friday morning, at the passport office on Champlain Street in Gatineau, the queue stretched to the outside of the building and lengthened hour by hour.

The line at the Service Canada office located at 210 rue Champlain, in Gatineau was long

Photo: Radio-Canada / Fiona Collienne

The patience of the Canadians who came to apply for their passports in person was wearing thin as time went on.

It’s a little frustrating to wait all day and not know if we can talk to someone »

A quote from Anthony Porcari

This is the second time Anthony Porcari has lined up this week hoping to get his hands on his passport. He waited in line for four hours on Wednesday, before having to return home because the office was closing.

The young man from Carleton Place was online again for four hours on Friday, and he still wasn’t sure if he could meet with a representative before the close of business.

I haven’t worked for two days and haven’t made any money because of this. It frustrates me a little, but everyone is in the same boathe drops with resignation.

Abdoulaye Dandio, a resident of Longueuil, traveled to the passport office in Gatineau in the hope of obtaining answers more quickly concerning his request made 45 days ago. On Friday, he waited his turn with hardly contained impatience.

In poor countries, passports happen in a dayhe launched when questioned by Radio-Canada.I don’t understand how, in a big country like Canada, you can’t get a passport after two months. It is unacceptable!

While many were chomping at the bit in the queues, some others smelled a great business opportunity. On social networks, budding entrepreneurs offer their services to line up in exchange for a few dollars.

People offer their services on social networks to queue for a few dollars.

Photo: Facebook / Marketplace

“A horror film”, proclaims the opposition

In the House, delays in the delivery of passports were the subject of many questions for a second day in a row.

Passport delays are a horror movie called Conservative MP for Maple Ridge, Marc Dalton. People cry when they call us to complain. They stress about losing thousands of dollars they’ve spent on upcoming trips.

Nine weeks waiting for a passport. I repeat: nine weeks of waiting! Someone applying today could receive their application in mid-August, if the wind is goodquipped Richard Lehoux, Conservative MP for the riding of Beauce.

The line at the Service Canada office located at 210 rue Champlain, in Gatineau was long

Photo: Radio-Canada / Fiona Collienne

When will the minister take immediate action to resolve this unprecedented crisis?he asked.

The chaos at Passport Canada and Service Canada is far from temporary. It’s worse than ever! »

A quote from Eric Duncan, Conservative MP for Stormont-Dundas-Glenggary South

The demand is unprecedented, not just in Canada, but around the world, repeated Ya’ara Saks, Liberal MP for York Center and Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Karina Gould.

We have employed 600 new employees and another 600 are in the process of being hired. We know there are long linesshe said. We do everything we can.

As of this writing, Radio-Canada was awaiting a response from Service Canada regarding the situation.

More details to come…

With information from Fiona Collienne


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