Employers and unions reject the proposal of new groups: “It puts the agreement at risk”

  • Employers call it “cumbersome” and “interventionist” the formula, which requires authorization from the Council of Ministers for each file

  • The centrals criticize prioritizing this issue now and urge the Government to close the temporary reforms and collective bargaining sooner.

Punch on top of the table patronal and the unions and resounding ‘no’ to the Government on its latest proposal to reformulate the mechanism of new ertes. The social agents have clearly manifested themselves against the proposal of the ‘RED Mechanism’ designed by the Executive and that they have dealt with in the meeting on Wednesday on labor reform. The social agents, each for their part, have agreed to express their dissatisfaction with both the content, and that it complicates the power to reach an agreement that encompasses this and the rest of the matters that have been discussed these months. “It puts the agreement at risk,” he warned CCOO. “It complicates the possibility of reaching an agreement,” agrees the employer CEOE.

The conclusion is shared in the social dialogue, although the protagonists reach the same point through different routes. This past weekend the Government sent a new document to employers and unions. In this draft, 27 pages long,

Entrepreneurs They have called the definition of the mechanism “cumbersome” and “interventionist”, which, among other things, requires prior authorization from the Council of Ministers for any company that wants to apply for public aid for these new files. “It is a cumbersome proposal that is more restrictive, more interventionist and entails a higher cost for companies than the current model,” say sources from the CEOE. This is the assessment of the employers they have sent to the ministries of Labor, Economy and Social Security this Wednesday.

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Negotiations to define the labor reform of the coalition government are entering their final stretch -the December 31st the Government promised the EU to have it approved – and the fronts on which the Executive has differences with the social agents are increasing. If about temporality and Collective negotiation the positions were distant, especially with the businessmen, now the new mechanism of the ertes is added. The formerly called ‘Employment Sustainability Mechanism’ and now renamed the ‘RED Mechanism’ is not liked by employers or unions.


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