Employees of Aigües de Barcelona confine themselves to guarantee the service

workers of Waters of Barcelona will be confined to Industrial water treatment (EDAR) Kisses, as was done at the beginning of the pandemic, to guarantee the continuity of the essential service of the integral water cycle. This measure has been taken “in the face of the serious increase in the number of infections registered in recent weeks due to the variant omicron” of the coronavirus, according to a note from the company whose main shareholder is Agbar.

This measure, apart from ensuring that the functioning of the infrastructures is not altered, has as a priority objective” to ensure the safety and health of the 14 workers who, in voluntarily, maintain a permanent presence since January 4 at the Besòs treatment plant facilities,” according to the company. To ensure maximum comfort,” the company has installed motorhomes and guarantees them all the means and services they may need during their stay at the plant”.

strict protocol

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In addition to this initiative, Aigües de Barcelona has defined a strict protocol to ensure the safety of the facilities and the health of confined workers through continuous antigen tests, the use of FFP2 masks and personal protective equipment (PPE), the disinfection of caravans and facilities, as well as the restriction of access from suppliers to the venue.

Last Saturday, January 8, the company’s CEO, Ruben Ruiz, and the CEO, Felipe Campos, thanked, through telematic connection, the human and professional effort and their commitment to all the people who are part of the device for their involvement and availability to guarantee the essential service of the integral water cycle. The Besòs treatment plant treats domestic and industrial wastewater and provides service to more than half of the population of the Barcelona metropolitan area, since it cleanses the wastewater from the final stretch of the Besòs basin. The facility is the one that treats the largest volume of wastewater in all of Spain.


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