Employed personnel and working conditions in the manufacturing sector closed 2021 with stagnation

The manufacturing industry in Mexico it faced a complex 2021, while the first months saw a significant post-pandemic recovery, at the end of the year, this reactivation was hampered by various internal and external factors.

In Mexico, industrial activity makes up the second most important category of the total economy and employs almost 20% of all workers. Therefore, the level of activity in this sector has a fundamental impact on the labor market.

At the end of 2021, in December, the total employed personnel in the manufacturing industry presented a drop of 0.1% compared to the previous month, according to seasonally adjusted figures from the Inegi (National Institute of Statistics and Geography).

Although this decline does not reflect a deep fall, it does confirm a trend of stagnation during the last four months of 2021.

In the classification by type of occupation, it is observed that hiring, both workers and employees, remained stagnant during this last month of 2021. In the immediate analysis, increases were observed in Labor journeysas well as in real remunerations.

The workers worked 1.3% more time compared to the previous month and their wages registered an increase of 0.8 percent. For their part, employees recorded an increase of 0.9% in their hours worked with a growth of 2.3% in their land.

In general, the social benefits for workers and employees registered an advance of 3.3 percent.

During December 2021, compared to November, improvements were shown in the labor market of the manufacturing industryhowever, in the year-on-year comparison the results are negative, both in terms of total staff and working conditions.

Wages paid to workers fell 0.5% compared to December 2020 and wages paid to employees contracted 4.1%, while working hours in both cases are longer.

Additionally, the progress in the total number of workers within the sector has also been very modest. In December, the total employed personnel in the manufacturing industry barely grew 2.4 percent.

The manufacturing industry continues to face internal and mainly external obstacles, such as failures in global supply chains and shortages of raw materials.

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