Empar Moliner, Premi Ramon Llull with a novel about menopause and maternity

  • The writer alza with the prestigious gala grace to ‘Benvolguda’, where he traversed a woman in the tenth abortion, between other themes, the pace of time and the vulnerability of matrimony

‘Benvolguda’ was protagonized by “a female of 50 years, with the official menopausal certificate, which is considered guapa and attractive, has a hen of 10 years and is a young of maternity”. Travels de ella, explains Empar Moliner, the novel “reflection on the past, the love, and the issues that are not acaban to explain during this period called menopause”. With this work, which also deals with the vulnerability of matrimonial love and the dedication of artistic life, the Catalan writer has joined the 42º Ramon Llull Award, one of the most recognizable and one of the best endowed Catalan letters together with Sant Jordi, with 60,000 euros.

Llull’s short story is protagonized by Remei Duran, a prestigious, accostumbrada desde niña a luchar by sobrevivir, feliz madre and esposa. For a day that “holds the absolute certainty” of something that has not happened before that knows that it will happen “and be prepared for it”: that his young marina, titular violinist in an orchestra, will be admired by the young violinist who is at home to explain, explains Moliner (Santa Eullàlia de Ronçana, 1966) tras eluncio del premio.


Opina Moliner said that “menopause is very important in menopause”. “When the protagonist makes the compressed announcements for the incontinence, which has been considered ridiculous, now the lovers are sympathetic”. Being a novel in the first person and about a woman of his same age, it is clear that much of the question is whether it is autobiographical. “No, but I’m always copying what I read and writing that has a part of me, but it’s fiction.”

“I believe that writers of completing years and being alone make the novel of 50 years, but I have the sensation that always being alone is very amiable. tiernos “, the author wrote.

“Really Crudamente”

Yes, he considered some members of the jury, “a masochistic fantasy of a woman of 50 years” (Carles Casajuana), “crudamente realista” (Gerard Quintana), with a final “durísimo y amabilísimo, que da pie a lotas interpretations” ( Isona Passola), and which uses “a language effective, cotidiana, very high, that has very close and entertaining” (Carme Riera).

The novel’s novel will be published on March 9 in Castellano and Catalan, in Planeta y Columna, and also in Portuguese.

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Moliner, who has collaborated habitually on radio, television and print, is the author of short stories such as’ Feli, esthetician ‘(Premi Pla 2000) or’ La col.laboradora ‘(2012) and the relationships with those reunited in’ T’estimo si he begut ‘(Premi Lletra d’Or 2005),’ No hay terceras personas’, o ‘Tot això ho faig perquè tinc molta por’ (Premi Mercè Rodoreda 2015).

This edition of Ramon Llull presented 61 originals. Historically, authors like Terenci Moix or the props Gimferrer and Riera alzaron con el galardón, one of the most recognizable Catalan letters and that in the last years he wrote in numbers like the rocker Gerard Quintana (2021, with ‘L’home que va viure dues vegades’), Núria Pradas (2020, con ‘Tota una vida per recordar’), Rafel Nadal (2019, con ‘El fill de l’italià’) o Martí Gironell (2018, with ‘La força d’un destí’).


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