Emotional blackout, by Albert Espinosa

Article 743. We are in a Ferris wheel where everything repeats itself. A pandemic usually lasts about two years and requires a lot of patience and a lot of strength. Interestingly, the marble lions that guard the New York library are named like this: ‘Patience’ on the left and ‘Fortaleza’ on the right. These names were given in 1930 because they decided that they were the two qualities necessary to overcome that enormous economic crisis that occurred.

A 92-year-old friend of mine told me the other day that there is a third quality which is just as necessary for both a pandemic and an economic crisis, and this is & mldr; I almost told you after the best of my week.

Third place. ‘Dear Evan Hansen’, written by Steven Levenson. A story that exudes a tender originality, a musical that is a hymn to life and death and a search for your truth.

Second place. ‘Classics’. Happy for the return to television of José Luis Garci, it is always a joy to hear him talk about cinema. Each of their gatherings infuses frames into our esophagus.

First position. ‘Life Sentence’, written and directed by Frank Darabont (UHD). Beautiful this version with a metal cover of this classic. It’s still an amazing movie with a unique script. Surely the best debut feature that has been made with ‘Citizen Kane’.

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And the third quality my 92-year-old friend told me about to overcome difficult moments is the “empathy”. He believes that it is the most important, it makes you understand that your actions affect third parties, that your personal decisions can disrupt those of others. With more empathy, many people who do not get vaccinated would and it would abide by common sense rules.

My wise friend added another reflection, and it is that some believe that a blackout will come, But the problem he told me is that it is already here, that blackout you are talking about is the emotional one, that of empathy for the other. I hope one day it exists that third lion in front of the library from New York. Happy Sunday!


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