Emmy 2021: the best and worst of an awards gala that had few, but very good surprises

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This year’s Emmys followed almost to the letter the script of most of the predictions that were made in the previous weeks, leaving as winners of the main awards night to Ted Lasso, The Crown y Lady’s gambit.

The gala was entertaining and, except for the typical and inevitable valley of the variety and non-fiction categories, it left a generally good taste in the mouth from the beginning musical number. These are the best and worst moments of the Emmy ceremony of 2021.


Michaela Coel’s Emmy

This year’s miniseries category was the most competitive of the entire edition, any of the five candidates would have been a good representative of the best of this television season. Those that arrived as favorites, due to their popularity, were Mare of Easttown and Lady’s gambit, and between both titles the prizes were distributed, but the Lines of Could destroy you for Michaela Coel, It was the most applauded of all and a well-deserved recognition for the British creator.

Two women won the directing awards

For the first time in the history of the awards, the award for best comedy director and best drama director, two of the most precious of the night, go to the directors: Jessica Hobbs for the last of The Crown and Lucia Aniello for the first of Hacks.

The speeches of the actors of ‘Ted Lasso’

The Apple TV + series is inspiring in front of and behind the scenes. The light, the affection and the generosity that its actors gave off in their thank you speeches are of a contagious positive energy. Especially that of Jason Sudeikis, we all need a Ted Lasso In our life.

Recognition of Debbie Allen and her speech of appreciation

The legendary actress, dancer, director and activist received the special award Governors Award for her 40-year acting career and gave the best speech of the night. Powerful, eloquent, assertive and very exciting.

The sketch ‘Where’s my Emmy?’

Most of the humorous intermissions were pretty unsuccessful, if not boring, but this one was really fun. Scott Bakula, Jason Alexander, Alyson Hannigan, Zooey Deschanel y Fred Savage They talk about their experiences and frustrations with the Emmys who have resisted them in a kind of group session. In the end, Dr. Phil appears and gives them the solution to all their problems.

The ‘Hacks’ Emmy

The awards for best and script and direction that the HBO series Max got they were one of the few surprises of the gala. Listening to Lucia Aniello, her creator and director, and the scriptwriting team speak on stage, the desire we had to see her for Jean Smart has tripled. Please someone bring Hacks to Spain now.


Lack of diversity

The only non-white people to receive awards during the night were Debbie Allen and Michaela Coel.

Most attempts to do comedy

With the exception of the musical number at the beginning and the aforementioned sketch, the rest of the humorous attempts were long and / or uncomfortable. Even the protagonists of Schitt’s Creek who went up to deliver two awards were tiresome.

The terrible thank you speeches from ‘Lady’s Gambit’

Scott Frank, winner of the Emmy for best director, represented the worst of the white gentlemen who consider themselves more important than the rest. Up to three times the music sounded telling him that his time was up, but he kept reading his string of names until it was over.

But still the speech of thanks to the best miniseries. William Horberg, one of the producers, could think of nothing better than to thank Anya Taylor-Joy, the absolute protagonist of his series, for “having made chess sexy”. And then he dared to give an empty speech about the series’ fight against patriarchy.

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