Elsa Artadi, the junta’s conservator looking for the body to body with Colau

  • The party will opt for the bazaar only in independence, we will offer as an alternative to the squares

  • Assuming that the reto is notable through the bay of 2019, but no external file to replace the alcaldable

Salvo los quuatro años del unico mandato de Xavier Trias, the capital of Catalonia has never been governed by a convergent, post-convergent or out-of-state independentist. Solo Ernest Maragall ha logrado ganar las elecciones en la ciudad pero no ha logrado la vara de alcalde. The comics of 2023 are key to JxCat in all of Catalonia and especially in Barcelona, ​​where a fundraising debate will take place: Elsa Artadi better the worst results that came in 2019?

To clarify internal debates, Artadi ya dio el paso el pasade mes October, with a conference on the post of a new como alternative, and decide on a portazo al Govern ya Jordi Sánchez, Secretary General of the Junts, announcing to be Vice President of the Coalition Executive with Pere Aragonès a la cabeza. The decision, according to Artadi, only to have one thing in common: opt for a new one at Barcelona’s Alcaldia.

It is the only candidate in the primary and has the 3rd of February to recover the support of the 20% of the Barcelona militants to be officially proclaimed. In June, there are agreements that Artadi will be the candidate as insurers if they respect the results that will be paid. These are the reasons that motivate this inquiry: the precedents, el profile of Artadi y la extreme competition which is produced between the ‘communes’, Esquerra and the PSC by Alcaldía.

Major results

The general quarter of the party marks an objective: increase results. Alcaldia is lying. The precedent of Artadi, which had 10 to 5 councils, did not invite optimism. Aseguran que el ciclo ahora es distinto, por el desgaste del actual gobierno de ‘comuns’ y PSC y el perfil de Ernest Maragall, ERC candidate if nothing changes in the next months.

Respect to the profile of Artadi, in Junts his conscience of that the progressive little image which transmits the candidate does not favor the aspirations of the formation in a city that has always had a tendency to award progressive candidates. It is hoped, as promised, that Barcelona will be intensely occupied during the next months, but more of its tariffs as deputized and portrayed by the party.

The key, aseguran in Junts, will make a campaign based on the eje independentista, sino en intentar agglutinar los distintos descontentos con el gobierno la ciudad con un messanje: “Nada más diferente a Colau que Elsa”. Get lost in it socio-economic message and in the alternative both to socialists, republicans and ‘communes’.

¿Alternatives or rumors?

The alternative options to Artadi, which, by virtue of its sole rumorology, obtains a clear answer in the party: no experiments will be carried out on this day and the candidate will be the one who presents a better alternative, which he accepts the comics. There is no alternative. Solo Xavier Trias, if deserra volver, could generate a sufficient term to knock on the candidate, but this account is 100% with the support of the exedila, as well as the ‘conseller’ of Economia, Jaume Giró. No wonder, salvo surprises, who has internal opposition to the deputy, yet he does not generate a generalized enthusiasm.

As for the battle over the alcohol that liberates ‘comuns’, ERC and PSC, in Junts its consciences that it debilitates the ability of Artadi to compete and appear as a plausible option. One of the keys will be the tone that is used during the pre-campaign long. The bronchial dureza contra Ada Colau y los dardos a Ernest Maragall pueden ayudarle a tener protagonismo pero pueden ser counterproducers si, segun el barometre municipal, los ‘comuns’ siguen optando a revalidar la alcaldía.

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Much less in the field of the preoccupations, also should consecrate the voluntariness of the new party of Catalan law, Centrem, to present to the comics. The few people who voted for this very successful post-convergence experiment could be in Artadi’s detriment.

Ultimately, but not in minor, in Junts it was stated that Artadi’s apology, due to the great difficulties, is inherited in the Triassic, which must be presented in three occasions to finally be called. Artadi presents himself in his second comics. Su apuesta, pues, el medio y largo plazo.


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