Twitter lives one of the most convulsive moments in its recent history. On the 4th it was announced that Elon Musk would become the majority individual shareholder of the social network and was going to join its board of directors, but six days later he rejected that option. The step back was a strategy by the technology tycoon to launch a purchase offer of 43,000 million dollars (about 39,500 million euros) and gain full control of the platform. In the end he has done with his: what is now the future of Twitter?The richest man on the planet is known for being behind the business successes of Tesla, PayPal and SpaceX, but also for being considered the king of ‘trolling’, a charismatic and controversial character whose intentions are undecipherable, and his decisions unpredictable. It was the fact that he entered Twitter through the front door, his 9.2% of the shares are more than four times the 2% owned by Jack Dorsey, founder of the company and his hostile bid to buy it has also been.

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