Electricity reform does not put the relationship with the US at risk: Tatiana Clouthier

A few hours before the discussion of the electrical reform in Congress, the Secretary of Economy, Tatiana Clouthieraffirmed that the commercial relationship between the United States and Mexico will not be put at risk with the changes proposed by the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorand argued to US investors that deprives him around the discussion is “buzz” that causes uncertainty.

During his participation in the framework of the 105th General Assembly of Members of the American Chamber Mexico (AmCham), where concern was expressed about the electric future in Mexico, without the participation of the private sector, the Mexican official replied that there is a commitment from the president with the US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholmthat “we are not going to do anything that calls into question the relationship.”

Clouthier recognized that the discussion of the electrical reform These are technical issues that very few understand, “I only know how to turn the switch on and off when it comes to energy,” however, he trusted that good terms will be reached, as happened with the outsourcing reform.

“The noise that is heard outside is what makes us very nervous, but the president AMLO It was very clear with the Secretary of Energy of the United States…”, so that “if we leave this as the theme or the goal or the commitment embodied, I think that the rest can be woven and in the end a conclusion can be reached. elón”, considered the head of Economy.

The Amcham representative, Emilio Cadenasaid that uncertainty persists on the electrical issue, since the vote of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation – which proposes approving the electrical reform endorsed by Congress and seeks to privilege the Federal electricity commission (CFE) and if it is going to be discussed this week in the Chamber of Deputies, “we do not know where the Mexican electricity system is going to be, where we feel that without the participation of the Private Initiative it is impossible to give battery to the existing potential growth.”

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