Their election had been postponed due to the health crisis. Six of the twelve seats of the senators representing the French living outside France, which should have been renewed in September 2020, were filled on Sunday, September 26. A vote marked by the failure of the former socialist minister Ségolène Royal. The latter received eleven votes out of 534 – the electoral college being only composed of deputies and senators from abroad, advisers of French people living abroad and consular delegates.

The six elected senators will take office on Friday 1er October 2021. Their mandate, expiring on September 30, 2026, is therefore exceptionally reduced to five years.

The right loses a seat

Ten lists were in the running. Two of the three outgoing candidates who stood for re-election were re-elected: Christophe-André Frassa, of the Republicans (LR), with its list “Together, the Right and the Independents for the French Abroad”, and Olivier Cadic, centrist, with its “Free and independent” list. Also elected, on the right, theformer senator LR Jean-Pierre Bansard (listing The voice of French people abroad ”), whose election in 2017 was annulled by the Constitutional Council. The right loses a seat. Jacky Deromedi (LR), second on Mr. Frassa’s list, was not re-elected, while Robert del Picchia (LR) did not stand for re-election.

On the left, the socialist group retains its seat, with the election of the candidate invested by the party, Yan Chantrel (“Rally of the social and united environmentalist left”). Ségolène Royal, to whom the Socialist Party had refused the nomination in favor of Mr. Chantrel, expressed his ” disappointment “, but said he did not regret taking part in “An important campaign” which allowed him to “Take the measure of the degradation of the image of France internationally”. Lamenting “The division’s strategy” of the PS, the finalist in the 2017 presidential election announced that she would transform her association Désirs de France into a political party.

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LRM and EELV win a seat

Is also elected the Head of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV), Mélanie Vogel (“Ecology-Solidarity-Proximity”). It will consolidate the environmental group, the smallest in the Senate with currently eleven members since the exclusion of Esther Benbassa. EELV welcomed in a press release the arrival in the Senate of Mélanie Vogel, “An experienced young woman, member of the leadership of the European Green Party and committed to feminist, anti-racist and LGBTI issues”.

Finally, the list of the party of the presidential majority (“French abroad, our future is written together”), led by the deputy of The Republic on the march Samantha Cazebonne, also gets a seat.

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