Elections in France | Between fear and contempt, by Emma Riverola

Macron’s victory in the second round of the French presidential election is not guaranteed. What has been certified is the irrelevance of what were the two great hegemonic parties. The Republicans and the Socialist Party have added just over 6% of the vote. Although nothing is guaranteed, Macron will most likely prevail. Only zemour Y Dupont-Aignand, both from the extreme right, have asked for the vote to Lepen.

And it won’t be enthusiasm that wins. Fear of the extreme right moves a part of the electorate. Just as contempt mobilizes another party. A contempt fueled by the relentless work of populism of one color and another. Constant discredit of each and every one of the institutions, of the traditional parties, of the historical unions and, of course, of the media… All the failures of the system magnified and caricatured until politics becomes a black and white without nuances. In that narrative there is little room for illusion. The speeches are built ‘against’ and the citizens become swollen. Without proposals capable of generating hope, contempt is gaining ground. And the fear is gone.

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