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Federal Liberals hope to once again dominate the Nova Scotia province, but some of their seats are in danger of being overturned during the 2021 elections in Canada.

Polls in Nova Scotia close at 8:30 PM Atlantic Time, and this story will be updated as the results come in.

The province, which has 11 federal constituencies, has been largely liberal since the 2015 red wave in Atlantic Canada. At the time of dissolution, the Liberals held 10 seats and one seat, West Nova, was held by a Conservative.

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While the Liberals hope to maintain their momentum, some seats could be a disaster.

In Halifax West, for example, there is no headline because Liberal MP Geoff Regan announced earlier this year that he was leaving politics. The new candidate, former liberal MLA Lena Metlege Diab, will have big shoes to fill given Regan’s legacy.

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She is running against the conservative Eleanor Humphries, Jonathan Roberts of the NDP, Richard Zurawski of the Green Party, Julie Scott with the People’s Party and Kevin Schulthies of the Christian Heritage Party.

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The NDP, which had a stronghold in Halifax driving before the red wave, is trying to regain its seat with former MLA Lisa Roberts. He will face liberal incumbent Andy Fillmore, who won in 2015 and 2019.

Also running in Halifax are conservative Cameron Ells, Jo-Ann Roberts of the Green Party, B. Alexander Hébert of the People’s Party and Katie Campbell with the Communist Party.

Cape Breton-Canso was close in 2019, with liberal Mike Kelloway just barely beating his conservative opponent. While she faces a different conservative, Fiona MacLeod, this time, only time will tell if she’ll be able to hold onto her seat.

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Janna Reddick and Brad Grandy of the NDP with the Popular Party are also running in this district.

And Sydney-Victoria was close in 2019 too, with Jaime Battiste narrowly winning against conservative Eddie Orrell. Both politicians are running again in this race, as are Jeff Ward of the NDP, Mark Embrett of Green, Ronald Barron of the People’s Party, and Nikki Boisvert with the Marxist-Leninist Party.

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