Election Day in the United States. Article by Ainhoa ​​Y. Moll

American democracy, though imperfect, is of a admirable stability. The Tuesday following the first Monday in November is Election Day. And it is on this date that the most important elections take place. Last year it was the presidential and this year the municipal ones play in more than forty cities of the country, including New York, Boston, Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta or Seattle.

The Election Day date is not free. It was in 1792 that federal law first allowed states to elect presidential electors. November was the most convenient month since the harvest had already finished but the harsh winter still did not hinder mobility. As the election was on Tuesday, you could attend church on Sunday and go to the polling station on Monday. Tuesday was also usually market day. Everything was absolutely consistent with the religious origin of the founding of this country.

There are few who nowadays question whether the elections continue to take place on a weekday, since it makes participation difficult, but since the United States is a country in which tradition weighs enormously, it does not seem that it will be modified. The majority of States allow early voting, some establish by law the right to be absent from work for a few hours, collecting pay, and others have declared it a holiday.

New York lives its electoral day this Tuesday with few surprises. Everything seems to point out that Democrat and African American Eric Adams, former police officer and president of the borough of Brooklyn, will replace Bill de Blasio as mayor. The main challenges that the new mayor will face are increasing insecurity, the management of the most important local police force in the country, bankrupt metropolitan transport, an insufficient health system and the eternal improvement of education as a tool for social integration. All these areas have suffered severe setbacks during the pandemic and are experiencing difficult times.

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The most innovative projects announced by Adams are in the field of education. First of all, the 12-month school calendar, which would make life easier for many low-income working families. How it could be financed remains to be seen. Second, the development of primary schools for children with above-average abilities. Known as Gifted and Talented Schools. Although Mayor De Blasio announced a few weeks ago that he would end the continuity of the existing program, since it was basically white and Asian-American families that benefited, it seems that Adams intends to reform and empower it. Without a doubt, it is a great opportunity for talented children with few resources to access the best universities in the country.

In these elections it is also revealed the growing number of women, and specifically African American women that are in front of major cities. Boston, Washington DC, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Francisco, Chicago and Saint Louis currently have women of color in command. In Boston, the current mayor will be replaced by Asian-American Michelle Wu, but will join the Buffalo club, the second most populous city in the state of New York. Black women are entering politics with force. They are more and more numerous in positions of high responsibility. It is, without a doubt, his great moment.


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