El Gobierno da la “bienvenida” a todos a la reforma laboral: un “casi ruego”, según Montero

  • The Socialist of the Executive assumes “responsibility” to the parties and notices that the “pass invoice” should be the norm

  • CCOO and UGT elevate the pressure on the formations of Izquierdas and the advertisements that do not haggan “the tonto” in the current political scenario

One month is missing for the Congress to vote on labor reform. Y el Gobierno does not have the insured sufficient assets. The habitual societies of the Executive dejaron clarify these jews that are in the ‘no’, salvo that introduces in the text its requirements. The PSOE does not want to see citizens and minority parties trying to capture the necessary majority. “All the formations that the queeran supports, welcomes sean”, ha dicho este viernes la Hacienda ministra, María Jesús Montero, que ha lanzado un “casi ruego“in order for the reform to take effect.

Gobierno’s Socialist Party does not want to modify the text that the employers agree to. On top of all that, despite the CEO’s announcement of the deal, it’s successful. Y, por lo pronto, Ciudadanos (9 deputados), Teruel Existe (1), el Cantabria Regional Party (1), Coalition of the Canaries (1) y New Canary Islands (1) their units have the right to meet the standard without any change. Pero los números no terminan de dar. The Executive of the PDeCat’s’ (4) More País (2) and Compromís (1). The three parties are deciding the meaning of their vote.

“The rest of the formations are welcomed with a large majority and do not touch or a coma of what cost it months to overcome the black stage of the PP “, said Montero. It is necessary to modify the labor reform. There is now, no more adelante, as the second vice president and leader of United Podemos, Yolanda Díaz, para arrastras a ERC al ‘sí’. The person in charge of Hacienda, in addition, has ensured that the phrase of the reform “the bill will pass to those who do not support it“the text. One more time, elevate the pressure on the executive societies.

Increase the pressure

The Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, has been instrumental in this strategy to bring down the Catalan Republicans. “Creo que todos the political parties with responsibility deberían sumarse has an agreement that clearly defines and establishes the labor relations of sail XXI and closes the gates and that which suspends the labor reform of the PP, which created a situation of precariousness and temporality “, ha dicho en un acto in Barcelona.” Es una reforma extraordinarily positive. We do not contemplate another scenario in which he approves and approves the mayor’s vote number “, insists the person responsible for Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, in an interview with Antena3.

To the pressure exerted by the socialist he also summoned the unions. The general secretaries of CCOO y UGT, Unai Sordo y Pepe Álvarez, respectively, han pedido a los partidos de izquierdas que no hagan “el tonto” and approved the reform of the “democratic conviction”, which was the fruit of social dialogue. Moreover, he pointed out that the rupture of the investment bloc “is not a minor issue with the political scenario we hold”.

The other life

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While the miracles are being eradicated in the ERC, the only one of Gobierno’s societies to have opened a possible pact, Ciudadanos insists on respecting the ever-increasing norm and when “there is no comma”. El portavoz de los naranjas en el Congreso, Edmundo Bal, has announced that these days he has been in contact with the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, to close a negotiation. “You have a conversation, the expression which is our position and the promise that during the week that comes, given that the convalescence will be the Jews that come, I call”, said in an interview in Onda Madrid.

United Podemos, on the other hand, are reluctant to enter Cs in the equation. During the spring of 2020, the dead will be pushed to work to become Inés Arrimadas carry out any negotiations and now do not want to go backwards. To avoid this, Díaz lives a week negotiating with the ERC, albeit at the moment the dialogue is not over. “I did not know in Catalonia that I had never seen it before. It is clear that this is a bargaining chip, “he said.”


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