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El Corte Inglés continues to diversify its business. The department stores are about to close an agreement with MásMóvil to enter the telecommunications business and launch their own Virtual Mobile Operator (OMV). With it you will be able to offer mobile lines and fiber optics in homes with the telecommunications operator’s network.

The network of MásMóvil -that may be used by the OMV of El Corte Inglés– It has 90% mobile coverage in Spain with a 4G network (of its Yoigo brand) and gives access to at least 14 million potential homes with fiber optics (past homes). Additionally, MásMóvil has access to another 11 million homes thanks to its agreements with Orange.

In this way, in practice, The English Court It could offer prepaid and postpaid mobile lines and data and fiber optics in homes with an average speed of 147 megabytes, according to the latest nPerf study.

With this coverage, El Corte Inglés could also offer convergent products. In other words, combining fixed, mobile and Internet offers, which are probably included in a single package with better prices and in the monthly bill of department store customers.

This new business was born from the alliance signed by El Corte Inglés and the telecommunications company in November. Since then, and as Invertia has learned, “different synergies have been explored and specifying aspects for the future “ until, finally, both companies have found the key to launch this new business.

Other knowledgeable sources indicate that “it is in the development phase”, so more specific details are unknown. For their part, both El Corte Inglés and MásMóvil have declined to comment on the matter.

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The new El Corte Inglés telephone operator will not have it easy in this atomized market, not only by large companies such as Vodafone or Movistar, but also by other smaller operators such as Tuenti Móvil, O2 (Telefónica) or Digi, among many others. actors.

In addition, it has as a precedent the agreement reached Carrefour with Orange to launch Carrefour Móvil in 2006. At first, the company managed to stay in the market with customers attracted by its low prices, but little by little it faded until the business was closed. Eroski also launched its mobile operator through Vodafone.

First actions

In addition to the new operator that it will launch, the first two actions of the alliance between El Corte Inglés and MásMóvil have been the free incorporation of the home delivery service El Corte Inglés Plus for Yoigo users, through which they will have free shipping on more than 300,000 El Corte Inglés products.

Likewise, through this strategic agreement, El Corte Inglés, through its security company Sicor (the recently acquired Mega2), and MásMóvil jointly enter the home alarm market in Spain with the launch of the alarm service . These two agreements – delivery service and alarms – will benefit 25 million customers between the two companies.

It should be remembered that this agreement implies the commitment of the two companies to collaborate and work together in the development of offers, actions and services that favor the client.

In addition, it foresees that the collaboration between the two companies will develop in activities of diverse nature and without limitations, considering the breadth and variety of the businesses of both parties.

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To diversify

All these agreements to enter the telecommunications and alarms market are part of El Corte Inglés strategy to diversify more and more your business.

In addition, it has also accelerated its digital strategy with the launch of a new app to stand up to Amazon and give more weight to ecommerce in its shopping centers, as in the reform that is being carried out in Guadalajara to convert the center into a outlet with space to prepare orders online.

To complete this strategy, El Corte Inglés recently created a logistics subsidiary within Sicor. He has also had a cleaning company for a few months.

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