El Barça followed by Dembélé’s silence

With tres no basta. If you buy the universal market and Xavi more, knowing that the Barça is unbalanced, necessary, for example, of a delusion with a relationship with the provocative and intermediate goal and of a lateral second that the minutes of descent to Jordi Albain addition to injecting competence.

She has three heartbreaking referees (Alves, Ferran Torres and Adama Traoré, who are officially in office), but at the technical level the match against this scorer that led to the offensive sequence that took place in Barcelona: 19 goals scored in 14 official matches ( 1, 3 per encuentro).

The price will be higher than the final hours and the Barça, even if the 1st of January, when this market is opened, follows from Ousmane Dembélé, the imbalance and distortion factor. Inequilibrium because of the initial plan, translated by Mateu Alemanythe football director, and consensus with the coach, the continuity of the French was a key factor.

Los regates de Ousmane

Pero Ousmane did not appear to be in charge, one and another time, during the negotiation month that the club, Harto and desquiciado by the double language (the judge told Xavi that he wanted to follow and his agents, also increase your petitions to Alemany hasta hacerlas inasumibles) se plantó.

The day before the Athletic and Alavés event, it is believed that the delinquency precedes the club’s intransigence. At the moment, no lo ha hecho. Y lunes lunes 31, con la hora límite de las 23.59 de la noche, está ya a la vuelta de la esquina.

Juventus have tightened their financial muscle to pay 81.6 million euros for Vlahovic, one of the delinquents that manejaba el Barça

Disbalancing side Dembélé and distortionist because obliged Barça to find first imaginative forms as extras (the renovation of Umtiti has the 2026 encase in this life) to make a salary increase that allows the registration of Ferran Torres. But if the French are not in the next hours, Xavi will be without the delusion that pedia, quería y, sobre todo, necesitaba.

Juventus, for example, have the financial muscle to assume the contract of Dusan Vlahovicthe Serbian scorer (22 years), for whom he paid 81.6 million to Fiorentina in a costly operation in which including the salary (there are millions of net annuals) united to the commissions of his agents (also millions) are high 154 million.

El Barça destined the money that tenía a Ferran Torres (55 million more 11 in variable subscriptions to City), in addition to losing on the truck to Vlahovic, a nuve that is on the list if the club can play this game on Haaland. Y Moratawhich Xavi wants to see at the Camp Nou, located in Turin because of the Athletic, which he gave to Juve, is not as generous as the azulgranas with Suarez first and Griezmann después. Aubameyangthe arrogant midfielder of Arsenal (32 years), enrolled with his coach Mikel Arteta, who has retired captain, is the ultimate option that will keep the club from complaining to Xavi.

Tagliafico presiona

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But nothing can happen until Dembélé says what he wants to do about his future. If it is in front of the median of the Mondays, the Barça, as well as the curiosity in the market veraniego donde to the limit of the time given to Griezmann at Atlético and arranged also in Seville the session of Luuk de Jong, could repeat ideological formula the invierno. That’s the case, the technical case deserved the technique, because it does not have the lateral side that pedia, but under that Tagliafico, the Argentine defense of Ajax, is forcing to leave Amsterdam.

The same as the gustaría a Aubameyang (14 games with Arsenal, four goals in this race), the need to sell London the most likely because he did not play until December and lost the Copa Africa with Gabon, first because he had coronavirus and then because he had some cardiac problems . But all (Xavi, Alemany, Laporta, Tagliafico, Aubameyang …) depend on él. Dependen de Ousmane.


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