eHubs solves last-mile logistics by building a unique database of underutilized spaces in Latin America

After the exponential and unplanned expansion of the metropolises in Latin America, accompanied by the increase in companies that have opted for e-commerce, businesses have been forced to make adjustments in their business models – particularly those pertinent to logistics and fulfillment of your products.

Companies have had to face bigger and bigger challenges, consumers have become more demanding throughout the purchase process and want delivery to be in the shortest possible time – even today we see companies with the promise of 15 minutes. This has caused the existing CeDis (Distribution Centers) on the outskirts of cities to no longer be sufficient.

In this context, eHubs, creatively solves the last-mile logistics needs of both e-commerce trying to get closer to its customers, and companies in the traditional channel trying to optimize distribution to the changarro.

How do they do it?

Given that logistics spaces in the heart of Latin American cities are known to be non-existent, eHubs attacks this problem by retrofitting underused commercial spaces, such as parking lots, to serve as last-mile centers.

The company has dedicated significant resources to building and continuing to expand the largest proprietary database of underutilized commercial assets in Latin America, gaining access to strategic locations where it would otherwise be impossible to find spaces for this use.

eHubs has full coverage in the Mexican Republic, concentrating the largest number of logistics centers in CDMX, where they have 292 last-mile hubs, already having all the mechanics ready to make them available to their customers in a matter of days.

For example, in Polanco, one of the areas with the highest demand for spaces, eHubs has nine assets that together measure 7,845 square meters, which can be used as logistics centers, cross docking stations, security centers for units, showrooms, pick-up points, among others.

Thanks to the unique database of underutilized spaces, eHubs has become the solution to the shortage of properties, added to the complications that can arise in the search for lease, where the requirements are increasing and delivery times can spread out for months.

“In eHubs We understand the needs that companies have in terms of logistics, therefore we offer dedicated spaces adapted to their needs, accelerating the delivery process with strategic locations and a platform

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