Efraín Medina is captured for killing his girlfriend with a shot in the head

  • Efraín Medina was captured almost a year after killing his girlfriend Natalie Hein Ramstrom
  • Medina killed his girlfriend with a bullet in the head in Michigan in an alleged attack of anger over jealousy
  • The man was captured in Texas when he tried to re-enter the United States through the border

Efraín Medina was arrested in Texas accused of the murder of a woman and when he tried to re-enter the United States. Efraín Medina, 42, had an arrest warrant in Michigan charged with the shooting murder of his girlfriend Natalie Hein Ramstrom, 36, and mother of two girls.

The documents of the case, consulted by MundoHispánico, reveal that Efraín Medina tried to enter the United States through the international bridge that connects the Mexican city of Reynosa in Tamaulipas with McAllen in Texas last Saturday, September 25, 2021 in the afternoon.

Efraín Medina was captured for the murder of his girlfriend

Efraín Medina, 42, was captured in Texas while trying to re-enter the United States and it was discovered that he was wanted in Michigan for the shooting murder of his girlfriend. (PHOTO: Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office)

Efraín Medina walked to the border review bridge at the international bridge and showed his passport and other documents that allegedly proved his legal stay in the United States. An agent of the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) received your documents and reviewed them in their databases.

The alarms went off for the CBP officer who interviewed Efraín Medina since his name appeared in the database with an arrest warrant issued by the agents of the Homicide Division of the River Rouge Police Department (RRPD).

Federal agents recognize Efraín Medina and arrest him

Federal agents recognize Efraín Medina and arrest him
Natalie Hein Ramstrom, 36 years old and mother of two girls, died of a gunshot that according to the authorities gave her boyfriend Efraín Medina in the middle of an episode of jealousy. (Photo: Special for MundoHispánico)

Without Efraín Medina noticing, the CBP agent requested the presence on the international bridge of federal agents from the U.S. Marshals and the Hidalgo Police Department (HPD) to investigate whether this man was indeed the same man they were looking for in Michigan.

Efraín Medina was taken to a room apart from the rest of the people who were crossing the border at that time to be interviewed by federal agents of the US Marshals and HPD. Upon reviewing his documents, his fingerprints and background, the agents discovered that he was the alleged murderer of Natalie Hein Ramstrom.

The brutal murder of Natalie Hein Ramstrom

Natalie Hein Ramstrom was found wrapped in a black plastic bag at her boyfriend’s home after her family became concerned about her whereabouts. (Photo: Special for MundoHispánico)

After verifying the identity of Efraín Medina, the agents of the US Marshals and the HPD took the detainee to the prison of the Hidalgo County in Edinburg, Texas, where the man continues to await extradition to Michigan when authorized by a judge to face criminal proceedings for the death of Natalie Hein Ramstrom.

According to the documents of the case, last Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 10:21 p.m. a RRPD officer attended Efraín Medina’s house at 121 Catherine Street, in River Rouge, in the Detroit metropolitan area. and almost on the border between the United States and Canada, to search for Natalie Hein Ramstrom.

Natalie Hein Ramstrom died from a gunshot to the head

Efraín Medina is captured for killing his girlfriend with a shot in the head
Efraín Medina, an electrician, managed to evade the authorities when federal agents from the US Marshals were going to arrest him and he managed to escape to Mexico. (Photo: Special for MundoHispánico)

Natalie Hein Ramstrom’s family had asked the authorities to go to the house of Efraín Medina, the woman’s boyfriend, because they had not heard from her since the day before when she had told them that she was going to spend the afternoon with her partner. and left his two daughters from a previous relationship in charge with their mother.

The officer who entered the home of Efraín Medina reported that he found the body of Natalie Hein Ramstrom with at least one bullet in the head and wrapped in a black garbage bag. Efraín Medina’s whereabouts at the time was unknown and his name immediately emerged as the alleged murderer of his girlfriend Natalie Hein Ramstrom.

“He was a beautiful soul”

Efraín Medina is captured for killing his girlfriend with a shot in the head
Natalie Hein Ramstrom worked as a school assistant at an elementary school and her murder caused deep grief among her family, friends and co-workers. (Photo: Special for MundoHispánico)

“I can’t even believe someone wanted to hurt her … she was a beautiful soul,” said Sylvia De Lap, Natalie Hein Ramstrom’s mother, in an interview with the media in Detroit, Michigan, when she was informed of the murder of her daughter at the home. by the Hispanic Efraín Medina.

Efraín Medina’s sudden disappearance led to the issuance of an arrest warrant for murder against him by agents of the RRPD Homicide Division who informed federal agents of the US Marshals after it was proven that the man was the alleged man. murderer and that he had escaped from Michigan to Mexico.

Natalie Hein Ramstrom was abused by Efraín Medina

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

Sylvia De Lap, Natalie Hein Ramstrom’s mother, told the media in Detroit, Michigan, that she wanted “to know why she did it … I just don’t understand,” the woman said amid her grief. However, the dating relationship of the murdered woman with Efraín Medina was marked by violence and abuse.

Federal agents of the US Marshals, during their searches to find Efraín Medina, discovered that the man was repeatedly verbally and physically abusive with his girlfriend Natalie Hein Ramstrom. The two lived a block away from each other and met at a local bar.

Efraín Medina managed to evade the police

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

In the US Marshals investigation, agents discovered that Efrain Medina worked as an electrician at the FCA Mack Avenue Plant in Michigan and a force of agents came looking for him during his work shift. However, the man noticed the police presence thanks to some co-workers and escaped through the back of the factory.

The US Marshals discovered that Efraín Medina escaped from Michigan to the neighboring state of Illinois in an FCA Mack Avenue Plant car that he stole outside the factory when agents were closing in on him. In his escape, Medina received help from family and friends who hid him until he could go to Mexico.

An unstable and violent relationship

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

Natalie Hein Ramstrom was the mother of two daughters and worked as an assistant in an elementary school. The woman met Efraín Medina in a bar where the two were frequent customers and they met five months before the woman was shot to death. The relationship was unstable and turbulent due to the violent outbursts of jealousy from the man.

A colleague of Natalie Hein Ramstrom told the authorities that the woman arrived at school, after having started her relationship with Efraín Medina, with marks on her body and bruises, but she never wanted to explain what had happened to her until one time She confessed that her boyfriend had suffocated her, slapped her and thrown her down the stairs.

Efraín Medina is accused of a “horrible crime”

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

Agent Owen Cypher, of the US Marshals in Michigan, was the one who coordinated the investigation to search for and capture the fugitive Efraín Medina for the murder of his girlfriend Natalie Hein Ramstrom and described the crime as a “brutal act” that he committed in the style of a execution by shooting the woman in the head.

“We want to bring Mr. Efraín Medina to Michigan to face justice for this horrible crime … the victim and his family deserve justice,” said Agent Owen Cypher, of the US Marshals, who has already ordered a group of his officers to traveling from Michigan to Texas for the fugitive murderer.

Natalie Hein Ramstrom, one more victim of domestic violence

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)

Natalie Hein Ramstrom’s death allegedly at the hands of her ex-partner is within the national context of domestic violence cases. According to the non-profit organization National Domestic Violence Hotline, one in four women in the United States suffers from an abusive relationship with her partner.

According to the same organization, every minute an average of 24 people, men and women, suffer some type of violence, rape, harassment and intimidation by their partners. That makes a total of 12 million people a year being victims of domestic violence, like the victim in the case against Efraín Medina. Efraín Medina was captured for the murder of his girlfriend.


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