Educació will give a period of three years to apply the new curricula in Catalan schools

  • In a letter to Catalan teachers, the ‘conseller’ announces the elimination of substitutions for a third of the day starting next year

The ‘conseller’ of Education, Josep González-Cambrayhas sent this Thursday a letter to all teachers of public and concerted centers of Catalonia in which, among other matters, it announces that schools and institutes will have a period of three years to apply the new school curricula, which will come into force this academic year 2022-23 within the framework of Lomloe. Although from the beginning the department had indicated that there would be a flexibility in the application of curriculathe truth is center management viewed with concern the little time they would have after approval, scheduled for this summer, to analyze and apply them with guarantees. Recently, in an interview in EL PERIÓDICO, the deputy director general of Curriculum Organization, Ramon Grau, pointed out that although it was not the right time to apply them, Educació had no choice because the times are set by Lomloe, but it was committed to that flexibility so as not to put more pressure on the centers.

Now, the gesture of Educació will give a bit of air and tranquility to the centers. Gesture that comes a few days after the 5-day strike called by the teachers’ unions in protest at the policies of the department.

In the letter, in which Cambray summarizes the news of the 2022-23 academic year, the measure of the advancement of the school year that has generated so much controversy due to the fact that the educational community was not consulted or spoken to beforehand is maintained. He also remembers the ‘conseller’ who this September the ratios in Infantil 3 (P3) will be reducedwhose classrooms will have a maximum of 20 students, and the free for Infant 2 (P2).

At the center organization level, Cambray announces to the teachers that as of next academic year, Educació, in response to the demand from the centers, will eliminate the substitutions of a third of the day -which were established at the time of the cuts- and all of them will become like half day minimum. Likewise, partial retirements for teachers over 62 years of age in the concerted school are recovered.

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The ‘conseller’ advances, likewise, that the ‘conselleria’ is working for the insole stabilization, one of the reasons for the union strike. Thus, he promises that in 2024 there will be less than 10% temporary teachers.

He also takes the opportunity to refer to the question of the ruling of the TSJC on 25% of Spanish in the classrooms and reiterates that before the courts he becomes “responsible in the first person & rdquor ;. He recalls that language has never been a source of conflict at school and assures that “we will strengthen the Catalan school model with pedagogical, political and social consensus.”

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