• From the independence movement, the Department of Education is urged to disobey the court

The TSJC has given the Department of Education 15 days to apply “immediately” the sentence that requires 25% of Spanish to be taught in all schools in Catalonia. The court underlines that this percentage must be covered with the subject of Spanish language and with another core subject which must also be given in Spanish. The explanations that the ‘conseller’ Josep González-Cambray gave the court last March when in a response brief it stated that Spanish was going to be contemplated in the school language projects. Cambray did not refer to any percentage nor did he give any clear and concrete explanation of how he planned to comply with what the sentence dictates.

This Monday, after knowing the resolution of the court accepting the legitimacy of the platform for bilingualism AEB, which demanded the forced fulfillment of the sentence. Cambray has appeared before the media to make clear the position of the ‘conselleria’ and the Government. He has announced that Educació will present a Replenishment resource against a “Aberrant interlocutor at the pedagogical and legal level”. Educació has five days to present this appeal.

The ‘conseller’ considers that the court “has overreached in his functions” and that in this resolution “it goes beyond the sentence”. He has stressed that “two of the five magistrates -one of them the rapporteur of the sentence- have presented a particular vote” questioning the interlocutory. Cambray It has also rejected that AEB has legitimacy in the case.

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It has sent a message of calm to the addresses of the schools. They should not make changes and will have the legal shield of the Generalitat.

calls to disobedience

From the independence movement, they have called Educació to disobey the TSJC. The deputy of the CUP Carles Riera has opined that it is “the hour of disobedience” “against school segregation, for social cohesion and for the right to the Catalan language”.

In the same line, the Ustec teachers’ union, majority in the Catalan public school, has made a call not to abide by the sentence. His spokesperson, Iolanda Segura, has pointed out that “accepting the ruling is not an option”. “What the ‘conseller’ has to do is not comply. The only option is disobedience.”

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“We cannot allow the courts to decide the linguistic policy of Catalonia and its schools,” warned Segura, who believes that if the sentence is applied “it will be the death of immersion and the vehicular nature of Catalan.”

the president of Cultural Omnium, Xavier Anticht, has criticized the order of the TSJC and has opined that “the interference of the robes in the classrooms is intolerable and undemocratic”. “We cannot allow the arbitrariness and pressure of a representation of 0.01% of the student body to end pedagogical criteria, coexistence and common sense”, she pointed out, urging to come out in defense of the Catalan school.

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