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Edu Garcia change jacket. The hitherto director of Radio Brand and driver of Marker has given yes to the proposal that Onda Cero has put on the table. What does it consist of? Basically in refloat the audiences of a Radio Stadium that has become a bit old, and that does not finish carburetting against its two great rivals: Sports Carousel of Being and Game time de la Cope.

As Invertia has learned, the journalist has just landed in San Sebastián de los Reyes and has not yet closed the details of the new program. What is clear is that I know needs a coup to recover ground in the hearings, and for this he opts for a classic recipe: recovering the value of the narration of the encounters.

The objective is that the narrators of Onda Cero become the protagonists of the new Radio Stadium. A formula very similar to the one that Edu García had already applied in Marker of Radio Marca, where the time of the game’s speech was much higher than that of other stations.

Precisely, One of the things that I like the most about Edu García’s Atresmedia is the dynamism that it gives to the carousel. An energy that they hope will be transmitted now in the new program whose collaborators are right now making up their minds. The entire staff structure is being reviewed, and the journalist will have to decide in the next few days what will be the future of the current components of the program.

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One of the key pieces of Radio Stadium it is Javier Ruiz-Taboada, one of the historical ones of Onda Cero. For now it is unknown if he will remain as the host of the program or if, on the contrary, the new director of the Radio Stadium will opt for a new voice.

In any case, the sources consulted by Invertia explain that Ruiz-Taboada will continue to be linked to Onda Cero. Well be in the Radio Stadium or in another project that the journalist can start up on the chain.

What seems obvious is that Edu Garcia he’s going to have a lot of work ahead of him. According to the latest EGM, the program grew by 52,000 followers to an average of 400,000 loyalists. A figure that is far from the 1.5 million average it has Game time in the Cope or the 1.3 million on average that the Sports Carousel of Being.

The fact that Onda Cero is right with the successor of José Ramón de la Morena at the head of The transistor. The evening’s sports program still does not have an official presenter. Knowledgeable sources insist that they are still looking for the right person and that they work with several options after the agreement with Josep Pedrerol was impossible.

That was the favorite card for the leaders of the green chain. However, it was not possible to agree on how The beach bar it could have a radio version.

Invertia has already said that one of the cards that Onda Cero has up its sleeve is that Alexis Martín-Tamayo, better known as Mister Chip, takes over the program.

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The sources consulted explain that the idea is for Martín-Tamayo to launch a program with a lot of public participation, calls from the audience, with fewer collaborators and very close to social networks and the Internet.

Mister Chip came to Onda Cero in 2007 to work with Javier Ares on Radio Stadium. Fourteen years in which he has collaborated in all the sports spaces of the station and where he has been gaining more and more prominence.

Whoever is chosen, it will not be easy. It will have to raise the audience from the 316,000 viewers it has left José Ramón de la Morena.

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