EDPR plans to build floating offshore wind farms in France, Italy and Greece

EDP Renewables (EDPR), fourth largest producer of renewable energy in the world, wants to lead the development of offshore wind farms (offshore) floating around the world. He is now wearing the focus on the mediterranean sea and plans offshore projects Greek, Italian and French. Also in Spain, but its focus is more on the waters of Canary Islands and Asturias.

After his successful experience off the coast of Portugal, 20 kilometers offshore from Viana do Castelo, with the project Windfloat Atlantic, a park of three wind turbines totaling 25 MW, hope to develop new parks with the same floating technology in the Mediterranean Sea.

Windfloat Atlantic is a project promoted by the consortium Windplus formed by Ocean Wind (OW), the joint venture EDPR with the French gas company Engie, Repsol and Principle Power, and it is the world’s first semi-submersible floating wind farm.

Infographics Windfloat_September_2021

Infographics Windfloat_September_2021

The project director, José Pinheiro, assures EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia that “the viability of the floating technology that we have used for the Windfloat Atlantic park has been industrially proven, which is capable of withstanding waves of 20 meters and winds of up to 100 km / h, and even recorded winds of 134 km / h “.

“Now we are waiting to be able to participate in the tenders that are launched in Spain, France, Italy and Greece,” he added.

1.5 GW floating in Greece

Ocean Winds works with the Greek energy company Terna Energy to develop what could be the country’s first offshore wind capacity, which cannot be more than floating due to the depth of its waters. The agreement was signed after the announcement of the greek government that it would speed up the introduction of offshore wind legislation.

“We are waiting for the contests to be called in order to participate in them, which will be shortly,” adds Pinheiro. Greece could hold its first offshore wind tender in 2022, according to the wind energy association Eletaen.

In the case of Italy, regulation is as advanced as in Greece. “We believe that everything is going at a good pace, all the Mediterranean countries are walking in the same direction,” says Pinheiro. At the moment, there are dyou floating wind projects that on paper are expected to reach 2,900 MW in capacity off the coast of Sicily.

In the case of France, In the past week the government shortlisted 10 candidates in the tender for a 250 MW floating offshore wind project in southern Brittany, including OW. A winner will be announced next year and commissioning of the wind farm is scheduled for 2029. The country intends to install two floating wind farms south of Brittany, the other of up to 500 MW after it was held last year. a public debate on these projects.

Canary Islands and Asturias

EDPR’s intentions on the coasts of the Canary Islands. The Portuguese group affiliate EDP sent the Government the documentation of the project which is expected to be the largest offshore wind farm in Spain.

It would be located in Gran Canaria East with an installed power of 144 MW, in one of the areas where the best winds are found.

But he has also focused on Cantabrian waters off the Asturian coast. In a meeting with the media, the director of the Windfloat Atlantic project recalled that his objective is to build a 50 MW floating and semi-submersible offshore wind farm that can supply energy to some 80,000 Asturian homes, with the same technology as that of Portugal but twice as much capacity.

“We are waiting for a specific auction to be called for this type of technology,” the person in charge assured this newspaper.

In addition, EDPR is also developing offshore wind energy projects in the United Kingdom, such as the wind farm Moray Earth, with a total installed capacity of 950 MW spread over 100 wind turbines, as well as Poland and South Korea.


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