Edomex seeks to establish the Employability Tables project

In order to achieve a more efficient link between academia and the productive sector, which means increasing the rate of hiring and productivity of graduates of technical and preparatory schools in the State of Mexico, the Council of Chambers and Business Associations of the State of Mexico ( Concaem) and the upper secondary education system in the entity held the first work meeting to establish the Employability Tables project.

This Sunday, the president of Concaem, Gilberto Sauza Martínez, indicated that as a first action they will carry out a diagnosis between young people and companies to strengthen the training and generation of skills that are needed in the productive sector.

Subsequently, he deepened, a pilot program will be established to develop a system to measure the success of the program and the rate of integration and hiring in the medium term.

“For us it is an exercise in social responsibility, incorporating methods that increase the productivity of companies, but above all that is reflected in success for the efforts of youth,” he said.

The program will be applied in the four subsystems of Upper Secondary Education of the entity, the Technological Baccalaureate Centers, the College of Scientific and Technological Studies (CECyTEM), the College of Bachelors of the State of Mexico (COBAEM) and the National College of Education Technical Professional (Conalep).

Initially, he explained, at least 10 transnational firms with operations in the State of Mexico will be incorporated into the information exchange scheme.

“The owners of these spaces committed to working in coordination and permanently so that success in the professional sector develops the full potential of graduates, because one of the great current challenges is employability,” he stressed.

Sauza Martínez indicated that the model will be operated from the private sector, with the aim that it remains in time regardless of the change in public administrations.

“At this time, the so-called soft skills are becoming more relevant in companies, since a proactive, learning and teamwork attitude is essential so that technical knowledge finds a good port,” he said.


According to Concaem, in the Mexican territory there are 1,399 upper secondary education schools of the state system, with an enrollment of 410,000 students and about 17,000 teachers.

Currently, less than 40% of young people who graduate from a career exercise it.

“The aim is to reduce the frustration that this can generate and provide opportunities for them to develop their talent,” the Mexican business leader deepened.

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