Edomex Prosecutor’s Office concludes that actor Octavio Ocaña accidentally shot himself

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) stated that after conducting various expert tests, it determined that the young actor Octavio Ocana, known as “Benito” for his character in a television series, accidentally shot himself with the gun in his right hand, resulting in his death when he was transferred to a hospital for medical attention.

“From the results of the expert opinions described above, as well as the testimonies before the Public Ministry of the companions of the deceased and the municipal police who carried out the aforementioned persecution, it is concluded that as a result of the impact of the truck, Octavio N he shot himself the firearm that he had in his right hand, the bullet hit him in the head and due to this injury he lost his life when he was transferred to the hospital to receive medical attention, ”the state prosecutor’s office reported.

Through a statement, the FGJEM indicated that he carried out various expert opinions on the actor’s body Octavio Ocana, 22-year-old, who was killed by a gunshot to the head while driving a pickup truck on the highway Chamapa-Dairy, at the height of the Prados Iztacala neighborhood in the municipality of Atizapán de Zaragoza.

He indicated that the Public Ministry interviewed the two men who were traveling with the young actor, in particular who was in the passenger seat, who said that the three had been consuming intoxicating drinks and when they were driving through the streets of Cuautitlán Izcalli, municipal policemen marked them He stopped, but Octavio Ocaña sped up the truck to avoid being stopped. This caused a persecution that extended to the Chamapa-Lechería highway.

The Prosecutor’s Office assured that the copilot declared that at one point during the persecution, Octavio Ocaña took a firearm from the glove compartment of the truck, which he held in his right hand, while driving with his left and kept on fleeing. During this pursuit, the truck collided with various vehicles.

He indicated that the expert reports showed that the firearm he was carrying Octavio Ocana It was a .380 caliber, and it had two useful cartridges; that a percussion shell found inside the truck that Ocaña was driving corresponds to the same caliber.

“These ballistic evidence found and analyzed have made it possible to establish that the bullet in which Octavio N lost his life was fired from a .380 caliber firearm, at close range. The mechanics’ opinion of the facts refers that during his flight the driver lost control, left the asphalt tape and hit his right front part; at this time and as a result of the dynamics of this accident, the driver presumably triggered the firearm that he was carrying in his right hand, ”the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office determined.

He added that the shot occurred in Octavio Ocana a lesion with an entrance orifice located in the right parietal and an exit orifice in the left parietal, at an upward angle.

“From the trajectory of the bullet it is clear that it was fired from inside the vehicle and by the person who was carrying it,” he reiterated.

The FGJEM indicated that the ministerial statement was taken from one of the municipal police officers who were traveling in the official unit that was carrying out the pursuit of the truck driven by Octavio Ocaña, and declared that after its impact, he and his partner approached the drive and found Ocaña in the driver’s seat with an injury to the right side of his head; that said person was still alive and was holding a firearm in his right hand; “By protocol, this weapon was taken from the driver, to later make it available to the Public Ministry with the proper chain of custody,” he said.

The municipal police officers who carried out the chase secured the other two men who were traveling in the van and later requested the support of emergency forces to transfer the injured man to a hospital.

“The toxicology report made on the deceased person determined positive for alcohol, with the presence of ethanol above the cut-off point (80mg / ml), with a concentration of 143 / mg / dl; Similarly, it resulted in the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol above the cut-off point (50ng / ml), which was greater than 100ng / ml. In the inspection carried out in the truck, three empty beer cans were found, as well as a glass bottle, which was also empty, ”said the Prosecutor’s Office.

Meanwhile, he detailed all these expert tests were carried out by the General Coordination of Expert Services of this Attorney General’s Office, “with strict adherence to the law and using duly accredited scientific methods.”



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